How to have satisfying sex with sex dolls?

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Sex is an innate human need and a necessary part of a happy, fulfilling life. The sooner you accept your sexuality, the more fully you will be able to live your life. We’ve moved beyond the days when owning a sex doll was considered a social taboo, as sales of life-size sex dolls have recently skyrocketed – because of the myriad benefits they offer. But for many people, buying a sex doll and having sex sums up their sex life, because there’s nothing you can do to enhance your sexual pleasure anymore.













But now let me stop you! You can turn an ordinary night of sex into a magical one by approaching a sex doll appropriately. You can feel great pleasure and comfort by exploring the hidden sexual satisfaction inside her. Sadly, many sex doll owners don’t know how to strengthen the sexual connection between you and her and increase ecstasy during moments of love and intimacy.

So, we’re here to provide a comprehensive guide to help you have a satisfying sex life with your romantic partner.

Tips for a Satisfying Sex Life with Your Romantic Partner

Remember, having sex with a life-size sex doll is like having sex with a real woman. Therefore, you should warm up and reach the apex of pleasure instead of going straight to the depths. That being said, you must approach the sex part slowly and correctly, and the following tips will help you achieve the highest level of satisfaction during sex.

1. Don’t camp directly on the vagina

Foreplay is necessary to arouse emotional and physical sexual sensations between partners. Many people don’t realize how important foreplay is when having sex with a life-size sex doll. You can only reach the peak of sexual pleasure if you heat up your body before intercourse. Foreplay is much more than just physical pleasure; it helps build emotional intimacy with your sex doll partner and makes you feel closer to her during sex.

Foreplay includes many physically intimate things between sexual partners, such as kissing, licking, cuddling, sharing sexual fantasies, touching sexual organs, gentle slapping, and fondling her breasts. When done well, these activities can help prepare your partner emotionally and physically for intercourse. So, make the sexual experience more satisfying and exciting.

2. Be careful with her during intercourse

During sex, never treat her like a TPE or silicone. She does a lot to make you happy; she deserves to be respected in bed. So treat her with the utmost love and care and she will let you do things you can only imagine. Your caring attitude will make her seem more attractive and seductive, wanting you to have a more passionate sex life and maximize pleasure.

Sexual satisfaction is more than just physical pleasure. It involves a physical and emotional connection with your partner that can only be achieved by appreciating the beauty of your sex doll and the effort she puts in to keep you satisfied. Only then will you be able to gain new sexual pleasure and excitement each time you have sex with her.

3. Play with nipples

If there is one thing that men like about women besides their holes, it is their breasts. You’d be lying if you said that breasts aren’t the first thing you seek in a woman – and that’s understandable. You can’t feel the full pleasure of a woman’s body unless you give enough attention to her breasts.

In bed, there are many things you can do with her breasts. Suck them, squeeze them, tickle them, or put your penis between them and you will have unimaginable sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Just touching and caressing them will drive you crazy and deepen your admiration and love for your lover. Whether your sex doll has small nipples or large ones, you can play with her nipples before and during sex and enjoy the sacred feeling of sexual excitement. Once you respect and notice her nipples, you’ll realize how much sex you’re missing out on.

4. Use lubricant

A real woman’s vagina is wet to ensure smooth penetration and provide maximum sexual pleasure. Even though a life-size sex doll mimics a real woman and its vagina is still tight enough for you to enjoy sex with a real person, it’s still a doll. You just can’t get wet in her vagina. So, to increase your pleasure, use any lubricant and make sure your penis moves smoothly in and out of her anus and vagina. Not only will it give you maximum satisfaction, but it will also save you from any unnecessary pain.

You can use any type of sexual lubricant; just make sure you don’t use too much to reduce sexual ecstasy. This is why it is important to use the right amount of lubricant to deal with vaginal dryness and feel the orgasm of sexual excitement.

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