How to get back after the breakup of boys and girls?

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After the breakup, some people regret the beginning. Want to start over. What to do to get back.


First determine who initiated the breakup. Women put forward a breakup, the chances of recovery, the boys launched a breakup that is difficult.

The girl proposed a breakup. Girls are very easy to get angry, this time need to cool. Let time to let the girl temper down. Boys have to disappear for a while, rather than asking for forgiveness and pestering. When the gas is gone, a good apology, take her to have fun, the chances of recovery is still quite large.

The boy proposed to break up. This is serious. Boys are generally very good angry, angry is not simple. Either the boy feels sick and tired, can not stand the girl’s nonsense or have a new love. There is also the head “green”. These are basically impossible to redeem.

The girl to get back the boy. Given the qualities of the boy. Girls need to do things is calm, you need to know each other in the end because of what to leave you. Figure out the reason, so that the right remedy. Boys usually break up at the time will be very determined, feel finally free. But after a period of time alone, I found myself accustomed to each other, a person line alone will feel very lost. This is when the chances of getting back are still quite large.

The boy to get back the girl. Or to find out the reason why the girl left you. Because you do not understand him, do not care about her, your world has never been her. Or you are a straight man of steel, all kinds of do not understand, do not understand. Caused her to leave you. In fact, the boys just need to change themselves, to change the bad things on the line, let her see your change, the chances of getting back are still quite large.

The sweet-talking people are more likely to get back. It is easy to talk and pull people into a pleasant atmosphere. Of course, you can’t just say, but also do.

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