How to dress up your own Mini Sex Dolls

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This article wants to talk about the topic of personalized dress for Mini Sex Dolls after purchasing.

For people who want to personalize sex dol, they usually choose the head of non hair transplant version. The advantage of the head carving of the non hair transplant version is that it can not only be personalized, but also have a variety of shapes.

The advantage of doll’s personalization is that you can set a unique doll through dress up. The specific settings are as follows:

1. Identity setting, such as Miss Qianjin, little sister next door, school students, etc

2. Career setting: such as teachers, police, nurses, white-collar workers, etc

3. Character setting: passionate, reserved, lovely, cute, etc

4. Relationship setting: such as sister, sister, girlfriend, wife, etc

The newly manufactured sex doll is a blank doll, which needs to be dressed up by the owner in order to give it an independent personality. It’s fun to match his body with his clothes, his eyes and his face, except for his own clothes. Now let’s talk about it.

I Wig

There are many styles of wigs, including long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, various shapes and colors, and some can also be DIY shaped. There are three kinds of wig materials on the market: ordinary silk, high-temperature silk, real hair, price and quality.

1. Ordinary silk: the price is cheap. It is basically fixed in shape, and the quality is slightly poor. It is not easy to take care of, and it is easy to scrap. The price is between 30-50 yuan.

2. High temperature silk: the price is moderate. It is characterized by high temperature resistance and can make various shapes. Most Cosplay wigs are of this kind. The silk is smooth and easy to take care of. The price is between 60-200 yuan.

3. Real hair: it is expensive and made of human hair, which has all the advantages of human hair.

In the first introductory article on popular science, we talked about how to buy solid Dolls – choose this part of the body. The size of the doll’s head is actually related to the body. The larger the body is, the larger the head is. At present, the largest body in the market is about 170cm, and the smallest body is about 80cm. There is little difference in the head of dolls above 140cm on the market. The head circumference is basically similar to that of normal people. As long as it is a wig that can be carried by real people, dolls can carry it. There is a tightening belt behind the current wig, which can adjust the circumference of the wig, which is very convenient. Are easy to buy on a treasure. Secondly, dolls with a body of only about 120cm and a head circumference of only about the size of children. This kind of wig is very difficult to buy, and there are few choices. It is recommended to buy straight hair directly when purchasing dolls, and then make their own modeling. Finally, there is almost no doll wig of about 80cm, which can only be customized.

II eyeball

At present, the eyeballs of dolls in the market vary according to different styles. They are all fixed by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, but some manufacturers can choose (at present, there are few), and the eyeball quality is also high or low. The difference between the quality of the eye depends on the material and coating, followed by the color of the eye iris. Theoretically, research can be replaced, because when designing a solid doll, the eyes have a device to fix the eyeball on it, and the eyeball can rotate in the device. This is the way to adjust the doll’s eyes. It’s easy to remove the doll from the eye socket. If you need a special eye device, you’d better not contact the manufacturer, but you can only replace the doll from the eye socket. If you need a special eye device, you can only contact the professional. Eyes are the window of the soul. A pair of special eyes undoubtedly make your doll not only special but also dazzling.

III Facial makeup

The head of the solid doll is also made of silicone and TPE materials. The face makeup is available when the doll leaves the factory. They are mass produced by professional masters.

1. The face makeup made of TPE material is relatively simple. Generally, there are only eye makeup and lip makeup. Due to the material, the adhesion is not strong. After a long time of use, it will fade or even fade after frequent cleaning. Now many manufacturers have makeup business. You can consult yourself.

2. Silica gel face makeup is relatively fine, and almost the whole face will be covered, even some of them are detailed to capillary markings. Due to the special special pigment used due to the characteristics of the material, once the makeup is cleaned in the later stage, most of the makeup will not fall off, but pay attention not to wear. The wear of silica gel makeup is irreversible.

Now many people will make up their dolls in order to pursue personality. Most of them use real-life cosmetics. What we should pay attention to here is the dyeing problem. Generally, real-life cosmetics are aimed at real-life skin with strong adhesion, but dolls will be relatively poor and can be maintained for a short time. However, now there are professionals who refit dolls with special pigments. You can also consult yourself.

IV clothing

Buying clothes is the most intuitive link to reflect the doll’s personality. The advantage of physical dolls is that real people are 1:1. Basically, real people’s clothes can be purchased directly in the market, with many styles and different prices. There are generally several types of doll clothes:

1. Daily clothing: this kind of clothing is the most common, that is, the clothes and trousers we usually wear. A treasure can buy them, and there are many styles.

2. Professional clothing: we call uniforms, JK student uniforms, ol uniforms, teachers, nurses, police, soldiers, etc., which can be used to set the occupation of dolls.

3. Two dimensional clothing: Cosplay clothing, Lolita clothing, dead reservoir water, etc. the friends who choose this piece of clothing are generally animation lovers, mainly customized.

4. Fun clothes: rabbit girl, bikini and underwear belong to this kind of clothes. They are sexy, hot and soft. After wearing them, they can increase the mood in vision and touch.

The purchase of solid doll clothing is also determined according to the height of the doll’s body. The size of dolls with the same height in each doll will be different. The general principles of buying clothes are as follows: dolls with a size of more than 150cm can directly buy this person’s clothes. The size is different from each manufacturer, so there is only one stupid way to buy them back and try them on. There is basically no reason to return and replace the clothes of a treasure, so we can only tolerate snacks. For dolls with a size of about 120cm, you can choose children’s clothes. The size choice is the same as that of adults, or you should try it yourself. I believe your love for your dolls will choose the clothes you like.

V shoes

Doll shoes need to be referenced by the manufacturer’s size, and the doll foot types are also different. You still need to buy them and try and error them. The matching depends on the clothing style. I won’t say much here. Everyone has everyone’s aesthetics. Here, we should pay attention to not standing for a long time after wearing shoes, which will cause great damage to the doll. If you want to know more, you can see how to accept the doll’s post in my advanced chapter.

Vi Accessories

Accessories play the role of making the finishing point, including all kinds of hats, headwear, hairpins, etc. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. worn on the body. Accessories on clothing, brooch, brooch, school emblem, tie, etc. Legs and feet, silk stockings, tattoo stickers, etc. It also includes some props, those in your hands, those on your back, etc. These also need to be matched according to your doll’s settings.

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