How to determine whether a boy likes you

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1, whether the other party is willing to learn more about you
In the field of psychology, there is a word called familiarity effect. That is, when someone is more familiar with a thing, the higher the concentration of good feelings he has about this thing. And the higher the concentration of good feeling, will prompt this person is willing to spend more time, energy, to understand ta, explore ta.

And in gender interaction, if the other party is interested in you, in your communication process, ta will certainly ask you more questions to understand your background information. (This usually appears some straight male cancer patients, because they can not chat) and in some slightly understand the female psychological knowledge of some men, this performance, he is very willing to continue with you to continue the topic all the time, but in the end, there will certainly be a link to understand your background information.

2, whether the other party agrees with you in the human interaction, there is a similarity principle. In the initial acquaintance, we usually prefer to choose people with similar interests, hobbies and values to get along with ourselves. If the other party is often similar to yourself, it will create a false sense of instantly treating the other party as a “confidant”.

If the other party has a high concentration of good feelings towards you in the time of getting along. When you elaborate on a thing, or opinion, the other party will tend to agree with your point of view. Even if what you say is wrong, the other party will also agree with you on the point of view to add.

3, the text in the chat, and the frequency of response
Now the network society is so developed, I think many friends are first and each other on the network chat for a period of time, interested in meeting it.
If the other party in the process of chatting with you, often are seconds back, and a lot of text. This means that the other party has a strong concentration of good feelings for you. But if, in your chat, the other party often did not reply to you. Or you say a long paragraph, the other party is often “Oh, uh, I take a shower first ha” and a few words, it means that the other party is not really interested in you.

4, in front of you, whether to pay attention to their own image
For example, when you often play outside, you pay attention to observe, ta whether each time to clean up their own very clean and tidy. If the answer is yes, then this person, in order not to destroy the impression inside you, and vice versa, is interested in you. In addition, you often eat out when you look at each other whether the performance of the other gentle, know how to be polite, or eat less. That means ta is also very good for you.

5, whether you are willing to pay for you
A ta who is not willing to pay for you, certainly think that you are not worth ta pay for you. In the contact, probably because you just started contact with each other to know, each other will not pay too much to you.
But as your feelings gradually warm up, ta will be more and more willing to invest in your relationship, and these investments usually contain: time, money, feelings, etc.

6, each other whether the words and actions consistent
In your relationship, the other party often say some very contradictory words to you. For example: “You’re really nice, but I don’t want to be in a relationship right now. I really wanted to see you that day, only, I really do not have time.” “I’m so tired today, let’s meet some other time.” And so on serialized words, may once or twice to understand, but the number of times, without thinking too much, ta certainly not interested in you, the give up give up.

Special tips
If he likes you, will certainly take the initiative to find you chat, will certainly take the initiative to confess, because like a person is not hidden, otherwise it is not like you, or is just a good feeling, not to like.

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