How to Clean a Sex Doll? – The Complete Guide

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Cleaning a Sex Doll
This is an important subject because your doll is precious for you, for the money you paid and for the service it performs. So you want it to look best all the time, be super clean, and last for years.

Well, I have bad news for you – the more frequent you clean your doll the shorter it lasts. Also, it can be damaged from excessive or wrong cleaning, especially in the case of TPE love dolls.

Now the good news – there is a way to balance hygiene and longevity. Just carefully read this tutorial on how to clean a sex doll.

How often do I need to clean my sex doll?
While “holes” should be washed after every use, the doll itself shouldn’t be cleaned more than once in two weeks. Too much cleaning degrades the skin material and leads to ugly tears.

What to use for cleaning of the sex doll?
There’s more than one way to do the cleaning but it looks like a light, gentle sponge and non-aggressive antibacterial soap are the best combinations for all materials used for sex dolls’ skin.

Take off the wig before washing. Use warm but never hot water. Also, be careful not to submerge under water (or make too wet) the neck and the head, there are metal parts like screws that might rust.

Do the washing gently, don’t press or rub too much.

After drying apply talcum (baby) powder.

Sex doll pussy cleaning
Well, if you “fill it” you must empty it and wash it, it’s no brainer. To do it easier and less frequently, use condoms ? In that case, you’ll clean just lubricant and it is not sticky.

Some quality dolls have detachable vagina, anus, and mouth, so it’s much easier to wash them. It is also a nice feature if you want to try different vaginas without buying a new doll – just replace it with some other from your “pussy collection”.

Use swab sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap for cleaning, after that dry it with a dry sponge.

How to dry sex doll after cleaning?
Drying the doll’s skin is important, leaving it wet leads to risking abrasions and tears. Use a non-abrasive towel and do it gently, carefully.

Leave her for an hour or two to get really dry, and when all moisture is gone apply the talcum powder. It makes the skin soft at touch.

Never ever use an electric air dryer! It might damage the silicone doll’s skin and for sure it will damage or even melt the TPE doll’s skin.

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