How to choose the complexion of a love doll

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The current physical love dolls are becoming more and more realistic. Keke, it is indeed the welfare brought to the majority of baby lovers by the development of science and technology. I don’t know if there will be interactive sex dolls in a few years, then it can really replace my girlfriend. Let’s talk about the current experience and use of physical love dolls.







Firstly, the appearance is more and more similar to a real person. The finely crafted solid dolls have a similar appearance to real people, especially in terms of hairstyle, face shape, chest, etc., which are not much different from the real ones, and help users find “dreamers”. Among them, the silicone doll in the simulation is more detailed, and of course the price is higher. Now there is also a TPE body with a silicone head, which is visually improved and the pop experience is first-class. Second, the solid doll has a perfect body. Ring fat and thin swallows have their own advantages.

Many little friends also have three thousand beauties in the harem. In turn, it is the highlight of life. Finally, we also look forward to the future. With the continuous application of intelligent technology, the intelligence of physical dolls is becoming higher and higher. After warming our body and inducing sounds, we will add more and better user interaction experiences in the future. Everyone is welcome to share the feelings and experiences of using love dolls.

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