How To Choose MINI SEX DOLL Clothes

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As we all know,?realistic MINI SEX DOLL?are made of two materials: silicone and TPE, but it is often necessary to mix silicone oil with other auxiliary materials during the manufacturing process to keep the doll soft. However, this has also caused Aiwa to leak oil in daily life, so that Aiwa cannot wear different types of clothes at will, so as to avoid soiling or damage.

So will you dress for the?silicone MINI SEX DOLL? The so-called people rely on clothing, and beauty depends on clothing. Even if a person is not so beautiful and handsome, wearing decent clothes can add a bit of charm. This principle also applies to love dolls.

No matter what clothes you choose, it is beautiful, and different styles will bring out your personality and feelings. However, there are some issues to be aware of regarding the dressing of Aiwawa and how to dress elegantly:

First, before putting on clothes, you need to apply talcum powder on the surface of the doll. This makes the love doll more realistic and easier to wear.

Secondly, don’t wear very light clothes on the doll. Silicone is oily and will not fade after dyeing, so it is best to wear white, light pink or flesh-colored clothes. this is very important. Love doll is the most terrible dyeing.

3. Clothes that are too tight and long-sleeved are not suitable for dolls. The surface of?Japanese MINI SEX DOLL?may be dented because of difficulty in wearing or holding it for a long time. We do not recommend buying.

Fourth, do not wear brooches, sequins, chains or other clothes with sharp edges or ornaments, as this will damage the doll.

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