How to choose high quality lifelike sex dolls and 5 recommended methods

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1, Weight: lifelike Dolls weight is not too heavy, 20-40 kg. The body of Dutch woman is very heavy, a few pounds, but the price is very high.

2, Material: lifelike dolls skin is made of silica gel and TPE material, so it is close to human skin, but the material of each love doll is different, the price is different.

3. smell: The real doll has no special taste and plastic taste. However, with inferior quality lifelike sex dolls, there is an unpleasant plastic taste. Therefore, when buying, ask the seller if there are product quality, plastic taste, etc. If the quality is good, there is no such problem.


















4. price: How much is the price? The prices are related to the weight of love doll, materials, excellent workmanship and branding. The price of domestic sex dolls` is quite high, and Japanese love dolls must have at least several hundred thousand yen. Most consumers in China do not accept full body dolls.

5. volume: the head and chest of high-end love dolls are three-dimensional, with palm and sole design, such as Wang Yuean, Mi Anan, etc., but their body parts are very realistic.Whether it is online shopping or a physical store, you need to understand the truth and know how to buy fake sex dolls. The so-called labor and fluctuation.

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