How to Choose Clothes for Your Sex Doll

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How to Choose Clothes for Your Sex Doll?


You need to know what kind of material your sex doll is made of! Silicone or TPE material. During the production process, the factory needs to mix material with silicone oil and other auxiliary materials to maintain the softness of the sex doll body. All this is for maintaining the softness of the material. Meanwhile,this can also lead to oil seepage, so the sex doll may not wear any kinds of clothing to avoid damage or staining.

Do you have any ideas on how to choose the right clothes for your beloved sex doll? As an old saying goes,beauty depends on beautiful clothes. Although the person is not so attractive, wearing the right clothes will add the charm. This is also suitable for sex dolls.

You sex doll wears different kinds of styles of clothes will show her different feelings and characters. But do you know what kinds of clothes you should choose for you sex doll? The sex doll can wear all kinds of clothes? Please read on to avoid some damages to your sex doll skin.

To begin with, I want to say, not all kinds of clothes your sex doll can wear. Also you may put a layer of talcum powder or baby powder on the sex doll skin (Surface of the silicone or TPE) before dressing her up. All this will reduce the risk of the silicone or TPE material sticking together, it also makes it easier to wear clothes for your sex doll and makes your sex doll look more realistic.

Furthermore, please do not dress her with colorful clothes, especially those clothes of bad quality! The silicone and TPE material are oily, the color is not easy to wash off once being stained. So the best choice is to wear white, pink, flesh-colored or light red clothes. The sex doll skin is afraid of being stained, so please pay attention to the quality of the clothes you choose for them.

Thirdly, too tight clothes or clothes with long sleeves are not suitable for them to wear, especially those dolls with big tits and hip. If you can’t find the right size of clothes for them to wear, we advise you to choose bigger one.

Last but not least, some decorative clothing may have some sharp parts, please be careful when you put clothes like those, the sharp parts may scratch the doll surface.  There is a risk of scratching the sex doll if you wear clothes containing brooches, sequins, chains, and other trinkets.

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