How to avoid fraud when buying sex dolls?

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Why are there so many fraudulent sex doll websites?

As erotic dolls become more and more popular with buyers, many manufacturers of erotic dolls are gradually developing new functional dolls, which is good news for doll lovers, but also gives many unscrupulous websites the opportunity to cheat consumers, so it is very important to learn how to avoid sex doll fraud. In this article, we present four ways consumers can learn to avoid sex doll fraud.

1、check if the product images are clear

I’ve never been a fan of websites with blurry images, as it’s hard for me to see what message the website wants to convey. Many scam sites are copied from other top rated sex doll shops. These images are only displayed after they are simply manipulated so that these images can look very blurry. If you see this type of website, be careful!

2、lack of privacy policies for users, etc.

Information on data protection is very important as it informs consumers about how their personal data is treated. If the website you visit does not contain such terms, your data may be collected for other purposes.

3、are the product parameters on the sex doll detail page complete?

Many doll websites have copied parameters from other websites. Since they do not work closely together, their information is often incorrect or incomplete. Therefore, before buying a doll, always make sure that the parameters of the doll are complete.

4、does it appear in some of the main directories for adult websites?

We have heard of many excellent adult web directories, such as mypornbible. com, freesafeporn. com and others. These websites collect websites that are absolutely safe, so do not forget to visit these websites before you buy a doll. At first glance, this can be very helpful.

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