How should I apply make-up to my sex doll?

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For many people, sex doll is more than just a doll.
She (or him!) is also a beloved partner, best friend or ideal lover.
Many sex doll owners are challenging makeup and dressing to give them more beauty and personality. This is very common.
And the sex dolls will have their makeup removed after they are used for a long time, because they are not painted with paint trays.
How to fully display the beauty of sex dolls is in your own hands. And after putting on makeup on the sex doll, you will be very proud! Because you created them as lifelike.

First of all, we should understand the following basics of make-up.
There are so many types of make-up on the market that it is dazzling. And for people who don’t wear make-up regularly, or even those who didn’t wear it before. This is simply a big problem.

There are many make-up videos on YouTube, so you can easily learn the simple and practical methods. With a little practice, you can maximise her potential and create a fantastic, glamorous look for almost any situation.

In addition, when sex dolls wear lipstick and eye shadow, their aura changes dramatically. You don’t need to buy every type of make-up, you can look out for something in a small package.

How to remove and clean a sex doll
Before you can start again, you have to take off the messy makeup. If you try to set your makeup as it is, it will get even dirtier.

A plant-based cleansing oil is a good choice for removing Ava’s make-up. Because it is silicone- and alcohol-free, it will not adversely affect the materials used in sex dolls. Natural oil ingredients can also oil the skin of the sex doll. You also have to do skin care while you’re going crazy. In addition, have good quality silk wipes (cotton) and lint-free, alcohol-free wipes on hand. Now you have all the tools you need to remove your love doll’s make-up! What are you waiting for? Now let’s learn how to do it.
Squeeze a sufficient amount of cleansing oil onto a piece of gauze and gently wipe Ava’s face with the gauze. Leave it in the eyes for a few seconds to allow the cleansing oil to properly dissolve the make-up, then wipe again so that it is easier to remove it. The action of the oil on the eyelashes makes them easier to remove. Repeat these steps over and over again. If you feel that the make-up remover is clean enough, wipe off the remaining oil from your face with a damp, alcohol-free tissue.
Now you’re ready to make a love doll!

Introducing the basic make-up steps
Below, we will detail the general process of making a love doll. If you want to put on make-up but don’t know how to do it, follow these steps

・First, start with the basics

Use foundation. Take the foundation with a soft brush and gently brush it onto the doll’s face. If you don’t need foundation, you can skip this step.

・Next is eye make-up

When applying make-up, it is best to start with the eyes. Draw an eyeliner to highlight the eyes. Basically, the top part should be a light brown and the bottom part a light pink. Use a darker eye shadow, such as black, and draw a line around the edge of your eyes. By doing this, you can improve your vision. It is also recommended to wear lashes if you want your eyes to look patchy. If you use the adhesive repeatedly, the strength of the adhesive will be reduced. If you apply them again with the adhesive, the result will be better. How to apply eyelashes is detailed in the main body of the general maintenance guide for cleaning and maintaining your love handles.

・Drawing eyebrows

Once you have completed your eye make-up, it is time to draw on your eyebrows. Everyone has different tastes in eyebrows, and how you draw them depends on whether the love doll is neat or girly. But if you want a natural look, use a dark brown eyeshadow. The current trend is to draw your eyebrows in thicker. If the old girl is nice, you can use thin eyebrows to feel good. Add some cold medicine to your brows with a fine pencil and they’ll look real

・ Finish with lipstick

Finally, I apply lipstick and start to finish the make-up. When applying lipstick, have a large and small make-up brush ready. First, use the small make-up brush to gently apply the red colour on your lips. Then use the large make-up brush to apply it on your lips. If you want your cheeks to look a little red, try applying it to your cheeks. If you use blush, the trick is to apply it gently. If you apply too much, your cheeks will discolour and your make-up will not look natural, so be careful.

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