How Realistic Sex Dolls are Made

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How Realistic Sex Dolls are Made?


You are familiar with silicone dolls, but have you ever explore the process and application of making a silicone doll? You have to admit, great high-end sex dolls are the ultimate sex toy accessory to any boner (At least for nowadays).

At the beginning of the process, the manufacturer will mix a kind of powder with chemicals. Then the blend will be poured into the mold to shape the sex doll. Depending on the manufacture, mostly, the doll is assembled. we have different kinds of mold to build different bodies.

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We don’t put the entire doll in one mold altogether, we make the body first, then make the head separately.The skeleton is being prepared by hand. This is made of PVC with steel joints some manufacturers use lightweight metal. This part is designed to be strong and flexible. Thanks to this, you can adjust the posture of your doll and allow her to sit, stand and position in any way you desire. We introduce the skeleton function before.

The latest skeleton is EVO skeleton. EVO Almighty Skeleton: It has the features of the new skeleton for the sex doll and the gear skeleton at the same time. In other words, a sex doll with the EVO Omnipotent Skeleton can express all of the following postures fro those dolls: hunched shoulders, and girl sitting. That’s why it’s called the “almighty skeleton,it’s the best for the sex doll nowadays,people invent this kind of sex dolls say. This is the most expensive skeleton. What are its advantages? Since the range of motion has been greatly increased, the biggest advantage is that it is possible to have sex in positions that feel a little tight with a normal skeleton and in a posture that is close to real life. What are the disadvantages? It may be the most difficult skeleton. You need a knack for expressing your posture in a natural way. You have to get the hang of it slowly.The high price is probably one of the disadvantages.

Later, when the liquid cools down, we will remove the hardened substance from the mold and the next processes are done by hand. The doll has to be cleaned. Some uses high-temperature treatment to make dolls looks smooth and shiny.

In addition to this, we have to check every inch of the doll and remove the rough edges using a small sharp scissor to ensure that the rubber doll will have a smooth surface. Then we will carefully wash the doll.

At this moment, depending on the factory’s design, the doll could be complete with genitals or is already formed with holes, but still lack nipples, mouth, anus, and vagina. For those assemble dolls, the worker will add those dolls’ hands and feet to their bodies. For more details, we will color the fingernails and toenails with the color customers specified on the order.

Her orifices (vagina, anus and mouth) are removable or permanent. They are designed to be tight and usually come with different textures, some are ribbed to give you the pleasure you deserve. At first look, they all look the same, but the pattern inside differs. We will add pubic hair if you want your sex doll to have a bush down there. In most cases, sex dolls are shaved. You need to pay for extra money for public hair.

For mouth, some dolls’ mouths are closed, they cannot be used, for others, their mouths are capable of giving you a deep throat.

The advantages of detachable vagina is it’s easy to clean after using. Instead of the integrated vagina, you can just remove the vagina from the hole and wash it. You can also try different flavor,you can buy different detachable vagina as your wish.

Meanwhile, the breasts are also manufactured in different processes using a silicone. They tend to be softer and firmer and comes in different sizes. In most cases, you can customize the breasts. You can choose its size, nipple color, nipple size and more.

On the other hand, the face is very laborious to do. We will use another mold for it. Most dolls use magnetic face with three big holes for the eyes and mouth. This makes the face more realistic and the doll expensive.

We will then apply makeup to those dolls, we will add eyebrows, eye shadow and eye liner to make them more realistic.We will also add lipstick and eye lashed and blush on. We will insert the eyeballs and detachable vagina also. For most case, they wear a wig, some dolls will come with more wigs, you can also buy some other wigs from us.

These sex dolls are highly customizable. You can request for elf ears, fangs or a transgender one if you desire. You can also ask them to add freckles, piercings, pubic hair and more. The process can be expensive, but at least, it is worth it because you can have the exact rubber doll of your dreams.

After the production, we will put some things in those dolls holes and protect their legs and arms with some soft things, we will place the finished product in a discreet box. The doll is positioned well to keep her from being damaged. This will then be shipped to the clients.




Two Hole Sweet Big Breasts Mini Sex Doll

Doll size
·Height:3ft 2 / 98cm
·Weight:22Lbs / 10kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:22in*13.3in*21.6in / 56cm*34cm*55cm
·Hand length:14.5in / 37cm
·Foot length:5.1in / 13cm
·Vagina Depth:N
·Anal depth:N
·Oral depth:N


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