How often should you have sex with realdoll?

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People usually know that they should have moderate sex, but they need to be trained with realdoll before returning to normal service.
Most people wonder, “How much sex do other people have? Are we normal?” – However, every couple has their own “norm” and there is no clear answer to what the ideal number is.













NATSAL’s famous data on sleep habits in the UK, recently published in 2013, shows that most of us have sex about five times a month. However, a study of more than 20,000 people by Dr. David Schnarch found that only 26% of people reach the once-a-week mark, with the majority of respondents saying they have sex at most once or twice a month.

Certainly, we can gain insights from studies that reveal people’s sexual habits, but these are only based on averages, and all couples differ in many different factors, from young to old, new to long-time, and so on.

Even if you feel that all your friends have a more regular sex life than you, it is important to first consider your age, lifestyle, health, libido strength, work and life stress, and mental state – these factors vary from person to person and couple to couple.

If you find that sex is painful, he has erection problems, or you have difficulty with orgasm, it may be more helpful to address these issues and seek professional advice than to simply force yourself to have more sex with realdoll.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and are having significantly less sex, don’t automatically see this as a negative, because for many people it’s impossible to stick to the standards they set from the beginning.

If you really want more sex, consider what areas of your life could be improved before you can re-enter the sexual honeymoon phase.

Sex therapist Ian Kerner says, “For many people, sexual desire doesn’t arise at the beginning of sex, but rather in the middle. You need to work on creating some kind of arousal that could lead to desire (through kissing, making out, dancing, reading or watching pornography). Be willing to create arousal and see where it leads.”

Many factors can influence desire. But maybe the problem is that you and your partner have different levels of sexual desire, and you both question the state of your sex life.

It’s not sexy to feel obligated to have sex. So if you are the partner who is not interested in sex, it is time to have an open and honest conversation with your partner to figure out how to move forward; you can schedule a date/sex night every week, or if you are just not getting the sex you want, you can speak up.

However, if you are the sexually deprived partner, try not to blame or tease your partner. You can suggest trying new things in the bedroom, but a relationship isn’t just based on sexual intimacy – cuddle, masturbate, and remember why you’re together.

Still worried? Does it bother you, or do you think it should bother you? The main problem with the title of this article is the word “should”.

There is no normal, no magic number that guarantees a successful life/relationship. Try to compare your relationship with that of a love doll, because sex is a personal experience and quality is more important than quantity.

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