How much does a real love doll cost?

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I have no pressure on women, but this time I am very excited. As I slowly lowered the zipper on the shopping bag, it seemed like a real woman wanted to shout “Oh my God!” Shout. But I was stuck for a while and started to do something from here. At first I decided to sit on the sofa, but the doll was as heavy as a small woman. It’s hard to sit down. But this is too real. A mysterious feeling seemed to be a prank, some pranks hit me. To be clear, it is not balanced.






I put her to bed and slowly took her off the miniskirt. Can you imagine me like this? From the point of view of ordinary people, this is just a “pervert”, but I still remember my inner pleasure. And their rich drama began. I really want to take a closer look, but I only have 90 minutes. First I decided to try my bazooka, it was 30% heavier than usual. This is a deep throat attack! !! !! The tensions have increased significantly. To the naked eye it is annoying. However, since my opponent fucks and loves dolls, he does not respond no matter how hard I try.

I still have time to sleep in bed, but if I look away, I’m too scared because it’s too real. Please try it once and you will be surprised. Although you haven’t gone crazy yet, there have been many pornographic characters lately. There are realistic love doll that can satisfy anything you want to do. Unfortunately, it is not delivered or rented, so you can only buy it. Just go to 【】 to buy sex dolls.

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