How Important is Lube When Having Sex with Your Doll

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How Important is Lube When Having Sex with Your Doll?

Some people may be wondering, why do I need to use lube when having sex with a sex doll. They look the same, but what’s the difference?

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When you have sex, the vagina of a real woman is stimulated by touch and hormones to secrete lubricating fluids. This is commonly known as man juice and is a physiological function of the human organism. This fluid makes it easier for the man with whom she is having intercourse to enter her cunt. It makes both of you feel even better.


However, a sex doll is just a product made by a person, not a living thing, so it cannot have a physiological function. The vagina of an unused sex doll is usually soft and dry. A man would not be able to smoothly insert his cock into such a vagina.


You may have to put lotion on it even when you do it with a real woman. Some women are unable to secrete lubricating fluids due to their physical condition. When you have intercourse with such a woman, if you don’t lube up, you probably won’t be able to make either of you feel good.


Sex completely without lotion


Doesn’t feel good at all, the hole was clean and dry, it’s extremely difficult to get inside. The doll’s vagina is very tight and elastic. If you continue to force your way to get inside, it might damage the entrance. But even after doing this, the hole was so tight that it was difficult to get it fully in. Your cock was so tightly encased in the hole that you could just feel the friction and even the sensation of tearing around the glans. It wasn’t fun at all.


Lotion on the surface of the cock, no in the hole


It was better than sex without lotion, but there were still drawbacks. It depends on how much lotion you put on your cock, if you put some and insert it inside and repeat several times, it’s gonna be perfect. I used my hand to make sure the hole was clean and dry, then I poured the lotion over my cock and applied it. After applying it, I went in and looked at it. It went in easier than without the lotion. I was able to go in completely.


However, because the hole was so tight, the cock that went all the way in didn’t go all the way in with the glans because the lotion on the surface of the glans rubbed against the hole and stayed mostly on the tip of the hole. So when I went in, I felt a bit of friction when I did the pistoning motion. It didn’t feel that good.


Lotion poured into the hole and not on the surface of the cock


It felt so good! After I cleaned the surface of my cock, I poured enough lube into the hole to get in. It went in perfectly, smooth, super smooth, and the pistoning motion was smooth! The feeling of friction doesn’t get in the way, and your cock can enjoy the full feeling of being squeezed into a meat cunt. It was the most realistic feeling ever!


Lotion in the hole, then the surface of the cock


It felt good, but a bit of a waste of money. I put enough lotion in the hole and also on the surface of my cock. After that, I was able to enter very smoothly. However, during the pistoning motion, some of the lotions came out of the hole. Since a man’s penis can only release fluid from the external urethral opening, I thought that entering with lotion all over my penis made it a little less realistic. Moreover, the feeling was not replaced and some of the lotions were wasted, so overall speaking, it was not as good as the third time.


Conclusion: The use of lotion is essential when having sex with a sex doll. Pouring it down the hole is the easiest and most comfortable way to do it.


The sex doll’s pussy looks so realistic that some people might be tempted to do it when they see such a pussy and not care about the lotion, but please do not do so. Lotion plays a very important role in intercourse with dolls. You should not avoid using them because you think it is too much trouble. Otherwise, not only the doll, but the user himself may get hurt, so please be careful!


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