How “high” the climax can be

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Orgasm begins with a feeling of suspension
Yes, a woman’s orgasm begins with a sensation known as “suspension”, a moment when she feels like she is suspended in mid-air, usually for 1-3 seconds. This “suspension” is equivalent to the “inevitability” that men experience before orgasm (when they can’t stop ejaculating). As the clitoris is constantly and rhythmically stimulated, the extremely sensitive nerves send impulses to the spinal cord, where they are immediately rerouted back to the orgasmic muscles in the pelvic region.

Slowly, this “suspension” emanates from the clitoris and into the pelvis. At this point, the woman forgets everything around her and doesn’t even know where she is, as her nervous system uses most of the impulses to initiate massive bursts of muscle contractions, which squeeze the stagnant blood out of the dilated blood vessels surrounding the outer walls of the vagina.

Orgasm is like a brief death
The lack of consciousness during a woman’s orgasm causes a sense of loss of control. It is because of this sensation that a woman’s orgasm has a better name – a “brief death”. Especially for women who are experiencing orgasm for the first time, this feeling is very scary. At this point, if they are afraid of losing control and being despised by the man, then this perfectly normal orgasmic response will be psychologically blocked, so that the orgasm does not reach its maximum intensity.

In fact, the sensations mentioned above are only those that occur in most women, after all, there are individual differences and no two women will react exactly the same, even though they have the same physical organs. When orgasm comes, some women will moan or even scream, while others will be silent. But all will experience a warm sensation.

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