How Do You Take Care Of A Mini Sex Doll?

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How did you get started? What’s the hardest thing to continue? How do you take care of a Mini Sex Doll? How much time do you spend? Has the doll owner’s world changed? Briefly introduce the practical problems of actual operation. Of course, all of this is completely anonymous. If you’re Parisian, we can meet (it’s fun), otherwise it’s great by phone!

To change the testimony, if I could have three people, it would be Christmas in June. Call me (to avoid malicious bots) In fact, according to the continuation of logic, it has existed for 20 years and was considered a monster 15 years ago, and the arrival of TPE is much cheaper than silicone, which makes it more and more The more people are interested in it. I personally saw them talking about dolls because they were writing about it.

This is not making fun. You have also increased the arrival of holidays, so you must prepare documents to manage the holidays, and if there is more “fashionable” big news, then these timeless projects can transfer Mini Sex Dolls. You have a snowball effect, or if one media is interested, the other media is also interested.

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