How do women view sex dolls?

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The last decade has been revolutionary with the advancement and acceptance of the way people now choose to please themselves with or without a partner. A notable introduction to men in this regard is the “sex doll,” an artificial humanoid that men can choose based on their preference for a partner who can look, talk and understand their emotions in a specific way based on their personality. Some of the key insights I would like to list in this article are as follows.











There are three main criteria for categorizing the way women use or think about sex dolls as intimate objects among men.

Conservative approach.
Women who prefer to have sex only with men as partners. Heterosexual women react to these sex dolls in a more cynical way. They see them as nothing more than soulless, inanimate objects that can never satisfy a man the way a woman can.

Not so sure.
While researching this topic, I also encountered many articles and reactions from less certain women who definitely did not condemn the existence of these sex dolls, but they were certainly unsure of how effective it was for men.

A liberal approach.
Bisexuals and lesbians generally accept these sex dolls as sexually satisfying. In many blogs, bisexuals and lesbians want to use these dolls when exploring their sexual orientation. They think it’s even great to use these dolls as a third person to interact with their real partners.

With a preview of the three perspectives mentioned above, I was able to share the following thoughts from women through blogs and posts on the internet.

Feminist women: I have also encountered reactions from feminist women who are particularly critical of men who see “sex dolls” as a substitute for the female gender, but in my opinion, this is an extreme view or approach. I don’t think these sex dolls can replace women. To gain insight from this approach, women have been critical of men who talk about replacing them with sex dolls because of their own insecurities. It’s more like such men can’t handle a relationship where their partner also has their personality and needs. So, says one feminist, “It’s fine, I’m glad such a man is having a relationship with an inanimate intimate object, at least he’s not hurting someone’s feelings.” Learn more from quora: https://www.quora .com/what-do-feminists-think-about-lifelike-sex-dolls
I read a blog written by Tracy ClarkFlory, who visited the iconic RealDoll studios, and she is a well-known sex writer who writes well about her thoughts and experiences. First, her blog in the Guardian reflects her speculation about straight male desire when she sees some sex doll models with Barbie faces and bodies, but soon after her tour, she was surprised to hear that there are men who like to aspire to own a doll with the features of their deceased spouse. She says, and I quote, “Whether interviewing men about their intimate lives or answering questions for a reader’s sex advice column, I often encounter tenderness, vulnerability and anxiety. My RealDoll interviews bear this out as well, highlighting the surprising desires of heterosexual men at almost every turn.” Her blog beautifully highlights how men seek emotional support in companionship. For many, sex dolls are companions with whom they can share their feelings.
In an interesting thought shared on reddit, this woman points out the costs involved in getting pleasure through an intimate object. She says it’s an expensive thing to do, and difficult to store and care for. She went on to criticize men for misogyny, writing that men shouldn’t objectify women and understand that they are human beings, not just pretty things that please them.
Women also come out and make fun of the idea or method of having sex dolls, which men think is a form of revenge for replacing the women in their lives, with sex dolls that would be pleasurable for women. Many women certainly find the idea of a man having a sex doll to satisfy and please him humorous, and they handle the situation more as a “get a life” situation where the woman can make the man feel something in the intimate relationship that can never be replaced by a sex doll, no matter how advanced.
Some women find it disturbing that men want to have these dolls because their bodies don’t change, they don’t get fat or start to look different as they get older. Women who don’t want to do anything their male partners want to do are replaced with this perception of owning sex dolls, which women can find very disturbing and creepy.
Women also share their views on “consent,” any form of stimulating sexual behavior or source of sexual stimulation for men that requires men to examine their motives. If people want to eliminate consent in this situation, they must change their perceptions.

The Bottom Line
For some, it’s important to understand by reviewing the blogs, articles and opinions shared by women on social media that in a deeper sense, most men who choose to have sex dolls in their lives will feel a lack of belonging in their lives and they just don’t want dolls to entertain themselves, but rather to have emotional development with them to satisfy that void. The broader aspect of the formation definitely prefers a healthy relationship that can eventually develop into sexual pleasure. Of course, the physical satisfaction and purpose behind the purchase of these dolls is there, but not most men seek to please themselves sexually only through these dolls, so the development of artificial intelligence is taking shape in these dolls in the most advanced way. If we must talk about the level of sexual satisfaction of these sex dolls, it all starts with the sexual attraction they possess. Look at them, they are carefully built to bring fantasies to life, with perfect bodies, human skin-like textures, tone of voice and response to action, all of which are designed to make a person have a satisfying sexual and ultimately emotional experience as well.

Women hold different views on sex dolls as the internet is flooded with diverse responses. Across the globe, women from different sexual preferences have very different reactions. I feel that if this approach were more accessible on a deeper level, women would be more likely to accept sex dolls as part of people’s lifestyles around the globe. In no way can they replace the presence of women in society, it is a cynical and narrow-minded attitude to criticize while holding that they are just a shadow or reflection of what a man might look like, allowing them to compete with real people. A futile idea that cannot last. Even with the advances in artificial intelligence and the perception of such advances we sometimes see through film and literature, the efforts of the creators of this technology are not to replace human life, but to add support that may fill a void.

Now, whether you are male or female, how do you feel about sex dolls? Feel free to tell us in the comments!!!?

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