How do I have sex for the first time? Will it bleed?

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How to have a good first night is the concern of every normal relationship boy and girl. Some people say that the first time on the wedding night and the initial first sex is very important, if not well, it will affect the future sexual life between the two, affecting the relationship. In fact, as long as you do the following points, relax, do not have too much burden on the good.

The first time sex life precautions
The first time sex, first of all, we must be psychologically prepared. At the same time, you can learn about the knowledge of sexual life, while more communication with your boyfriend, good foreplay, to a certain extent to ease the tension, conducive to the normal conduct of sexual life.
Remember to shower and change clothes and brush your teeth, don’t leave a bad impression in haste. When bathing, don’t forget to brush your teeth, you can also spray some oral aromatics to avoid bad breath.
If the couple is just married, after the wedding residual dirt do not bring to bed. On the wedding night, all should wash the vulva with warm boiled water and neutral soap essence. As a result of the wedding purchase items as well as entertaining friends and relatives, so that the newlyweds busy and tired, men’s foreskin scale and women’s vaginal secretions increased, if not wash, very unhygienic, will affect the sexual desire and health of both men and women.

The bath time should not be too short, do not want to get out of the bath early because of manipulation. Because in the male bath, women have a lot of preparation work, such as: remove makeup, prepare bedding or contraceptive items. A considerate man can prepare the woman for the bath after the bath, such as filling the bathtub with water, putting towels, washcloths and toothbrushes in place, etc. When the woman enters the bath, please also leave more time for her to prepare, groom and maintain in the bathroom. You can also prepare a snack to lighten the mood, loosen the tension and clear your head a little.
For more fun, you can wear panties. Don’t think that you are going to bond right away, so just wear a bath towel or robe, this is too hasty and should be avoided. Put on your underwear so that you can also enjoy undressing in the process.
It is best to let the lovers go to bed first. Men can use some reasons to avoid it, such as going to the bathroom, etc. Politely, you should let women go to bed first to avoid their shyness, and then men can lie quietly on their right side. Men should avoid going to bed first and then urging women to go to bed, this semi-command tone, will leave a bad impression on the woman.

Do a good contraceptive measures, if both men and women do not want to have children immediately, and do not eat the pill, both sides have concerns, the woman is more afraid of pregnancy, so the mind can not be highly concentrated, sex life will be affected. If the woman takes the pill in time, or the man wears a condom, both sides will have no worries, energy concentration, sexual life will achieve satisfactory results.
In the beginning of sexual life, both sides will have a sense of shyness, especially the woman is more obvious, the psychological state is more complex, the spirit of some tension. Remember that men’s movements should be gentle, once not can try more times. The woman should also take the initiative to cooperate, overcome the tension and fear of curtains, the spirit of active relaxation, sexual excitement aroused quickly, vaginal secretions, good lubrication, can reduce the pain during sexual intercourse, can also reduce the pain caused by the hymen is abraded.
The first time you have intercourse, the male partner may have failed to have intercourse due to lack of sexual knowledge or excessive excitement and premature ejaculation. For this situation you should forgive, this is not premature ejaculation, with the growth of sexual knowledge and sexual experience after marriage, the two sides tacitly cooperate, will soon return to normal.

The first time, the hymen break may flow blood, the process, may also bring out vaginal secretions, in order not to dirty the sheets, mattress, before you should use toilet paper or clean towels, cloth, etc., folded into a thick small pad, pad in the female buttocks and below. Stop in the middle, that is, the pad is folded and taken off.
It is more important to have toilet paper and clean towels ready and clean. After the end, the man can help the woman wipe with toilet paper, this mutual wiping practice is a small thing, but in each other’s hearts will produce gratitude, is undoubtedly an additional compensation for sex, conducive to enhancing feelings, if the aftermath does not feel fatigue, it is best to immediately wash with warm water. Women have a self-cleaning function, so don’t flush with water or wipe with toilet paper or towels to avoid damaging the vaginal lining and destroying its defense function.

About the hymen
It is important to mention here that the first time you have sex, you may not necessarily bleed, but more or less. It can be as little as a few milliliters or a few drops, or as much as heavy bleeding. It is even possible for a hymen to break without bleeding.
Virgins do not bleed during the first sexual intercourse is not very few, for more reasons, such as the hymen is thick, tough, hymen hole is large, contains few blood vessels, congenital absence, rupture during strenuous activity or when using tampons —- perhaps before you have sex, it has broken off. Some of them do not necessarily bleed even if they rupture. And in a few women, the hymen can be close to the edge of the vaginal wall and it may not rupture at all during intercourse. In some cases, the hymen may bleed after the first rupture, and may also bleed during sex again. So you don’t need to be concerned about whether or not you bleed during the first time you have sex.

To prevent inflammation of the broken hymen, after the hymen rupture, some slight pain and a small amount of bleeding, you should use sterilized gauze or cotton wool to wipe, it is best to have sex again after 2-3 days to prevent inflammation of the wound. If the hymen rupture bleeds a lot and the pain is unbearable, you should seek medical attention.

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