How can you explain falling in love with a robot?

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Currently, it is difficult to imagine a robot that would engage in a lengthy discussion. For some scientists this is not even possible. This is the case today, but by 2050 the situation will have changed. Artificial intelligence will take time to solve many problems. First up is the art of discussion, which requires time to have an exhaustive conversation. Another pitfall is voice recognition, meaning what the person is saying and what they are saying. There are currently many speech recognition programs that will capture most of the words you speak. Everyone has their own way of speaking, and artificial intelligence cannot yet recognize all pronunciations. This will take decades. That’s why I believe marriage to robots won’t start until 2050.

Sometimes sex robots are mentioned to solve the problem of prostitution. How are they different from sex toys? First, because they look like humans. We are not on the same level, they are much more evolved than sex toys. They don’t solve the problem of prostitution. In Africa and poor countries it is difficult to predict, but in the western world they will be able to give a different answer. They cannot catch STDs and are becoming more affordable over time.

If we fall in love and look like a human, can we consider sleeping with a robot cheating? I am often asked this question. I don’t think we can fool anyone with a robot. Look at the number of women using vibrators. Do you think this is a joke?

But when we fall in love, can we no longer compare it to a vibrator? This is true. It will be a personal decision. Some people may feel deceived, others may not. There is a real difference: sleeping with feeling and sleeping without feeling with a robot. These are two different situations.

If you follow your thesis, you end up marrying a robot, so it’s the same as a human, right? This is true. I even predict that the first wedding will be in Massachusetts. First, because it is the most advanced state in the US. It was one of the first countries to seriously consider same-sex marriage and has many companies specializing in artificial intelligence and robotics. The concept of marriage, i. H. the question of what is legal and what is not has evolved significantly over the course of the 20th century. Not so long ago in the United States it was illegal for a white man to marry a black man. In the 21st century, some states, at least in the US, will allow marriage with robots. We believe that people should have the right to marry whoever they want – except maybe their brother or sister. This could be a new movement of cool kids.

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