How big is the market for sex dolls?

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Experts say sex dolls is a medical tool for health.







Type in “sex dolls” on Amazon and you will find 52 400 items. You will see beautiful pictures of beautiful young women, well designed, generally made of silicone, with optimal proportions and probably with a well-known celebrity face and sexy clothes.

The price goes up, and there are some that cost a few hundred dollars, others that cost a few thousand, and still others that cost tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. You think to yourself that the cheapest ones must be unreliable and that the ones that cost three or two hundred dollars are always fine, and then you’re stunned when you get the real thing: “The real thing is just a human figure, how come it’s so different from the picture?” You must have felt cheated and the basic trust between people was gone. You probably even went to Zhihu and asked angrily, “Why are the sex dolls so ugly in real life?”

The answer is simple. You get what you pay for, and for the price you pay for a packed lunch, you can’t expect a three Michelin star dish. Not all sex dolls are that ugly. You can get very Real Doll if you are willing to spend the money. No, if you spend tens of thousands of dollars and get a very realistic doll, it is not a sex doll, it is a physical doll.

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