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It looks good in photos, but it’s actually too small for most people. Much smaller than you might think! Makes you feel like a toy, not a little girl. If you are a strong person, it is no exaggeration to say that a 100cm sex doll can be a bigger meat lamp.
































Most 100cm sex dolls have anime or cartoon faces, young but not very realistic. If you want a more Realistic Fantasy Lover Doll not just a plus size sex toy. I think you should also try a little higher. A lot of times, the added length is just the legs and abs, and not much weight is added.

Clothes and wigs may not be easily found for 100cm sex dolls. This can be a headache when looking for wigs and clothing.

Do you think I’m really just stating all the downsides of 100cm sex dolls? No, it has a lot of advantages, let’s take a look below!

Consider size and appearance. Judging from the height dimension, a 100cm sex doll is a petite mini sex doll. And the 100cm sex dolls are very cute, with soft skin, curvy bodies, very detailed, and some very sexy.

Considering portability, 100cm is okay, especially for a cute anime sex doll. It can be a great travel companion, but for the tall, strong you, full or near-full size is the only option. However, if you’re buying it because of space concerns or as a travel companion, it might be suitable.

Consider budget. You can buy a 100cm TPE sex doll for less than $1,000, as well as a 100cm silicone sex doll for $1,000 to $2,000 . This is a good thing for doll lovers on a budget.

No matter what other opinions are posted, you must focus on how you will enjoy the doll you choose. Weight, realism, feel, material, etc… are completely subjective. Overall, weight is a deciding factor. You must decide what is most important to how you plan to use your new partner.

We are all attracted to dolls for different reasons. You have to find what is most important to you. Some tend to focus on size, weight and usability, others on realism, others on texture. What do you want most?

Finally, there is one thing you need to pay special attention to. Some countries may recognize 100cm sex dolls as child sex dolls. If you are in these countries, you may be arrested and detained on suspicion of buying child pornography, which is against the law.

Take your time and think carefully about what is most important to you.

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