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According to people in the sex doll industry, more and more Japanese men are seeking the romance of sex dolls, and about 2,000 are sold in Japan each year. Prices start at about $2,000, with the head and genitals removable and fingers adjustable. With the advent of silicon, it has become possible to make sex dolls that closely resemble human skin. Given such a real look, men are said to feel like talking to real love dolls. Real sex dolls are popular among disabled people, men and model fetishes who have lost their wives. Some men do not want to be hurt and run to the doll.









Mr. Nakajima is married and has two children. His father takes a bath with sex dolls, decorates the house with photos, and then takes them skiing and surfing. “When you’re with her, you get cured. When she’s at home, you’ll be excited and safe. You’ll never betray her,” Nakajima said. “If you look at her when you’re frustrated by something you don’t like at work, she may be frustrated. She has the same power as a human being.”

Mr. Nakajima’s family broke down because of his relationship with sex dolls. The son accepted, but the daughter did not. His wife was forbidden to bring them home. Mr. Nakajima lives alone in a messy apartment in Tokyo. He said there were two dolls in front of Saori, and a doll with only a torso and no head surrounded him. Some nights you just want to lie next to someone and maybe hug them tight. But you’re not as lucky as someone in real life. People have been busy lately and don’t have time to maintain that relationship. You can take home one of the hottest love dolls and make her your toy. Feel free to use it.

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