Here you are welcome in the age of sex robots!

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A sex robot can do that:




Close your eyes and blink her eyelashes
Rotate her eyes
Move her chin
Produce recorded sound provided by the manufacturer and / or you
There is a tactile sensor in the chest area, and the body and sound respond to touch
Heat (optional)

Fire Real Sex Doll

In our shop you will find the revolutionary sex robot from AI-Tech, the first sex robot sold. This sex doll robot has all the features of a real doll while enhancing its unique technical functions. Until now, it has been limited to laboratories and showrooms. With the Android application for smartphones, you can fully control facial movements and body sensors. Your doll will move its eyes, close its eyes and fall asleep, and will physically react when you touch it. She will be reborn, not just your imagination.

The University of Science and Technology in China launched a robot called Jia Jia earlier this year. The robot has artificial intelligence capabilities and can answer simple questions. Like ChihiraAico, it was designed for dialogue purposes only, without revealing her most intimate characteristics.
In Japan’s collective imagination, female robots have always aroused people’s curiosity. Gunnm, a comic cartoon from 1990, features young and sexy cyborgs as heroes. Interestingly, the Yamaha robot of 2009 looks very similar to Gunnm.

It is no surprise that human-like robots are more likely to be women than men. The field of science is dominated by male researchers, and it is understandable that beautiful women attract male researchers. The combination of the pursuit of human psychological understanding and the attraction of female robots has led to considerable science fiction. “Blade Runner” (1982) and “Battlestar Galactica” (2003-2009) explore the moral issues in dealing with robots. They (2013) and Pre-Mechanical Age (2015) discussed the emotional development between humans and advanced artificial intelligence.

Little sex doll

At the same time, scientists have increasingly researched and developed intelligent robots.

In 2015, Toshiba launched ChihiraAico, an advanced version of the Yamaha robot that can carry on simple conversations due to its basic artificial intelligence. In addition, 15 types of pneumatic facial muscles provide a range of incredibly realistic facial expressions. Unfortunately, just like the Yamaha robot, its main body is a complete skeleton and the power cord extends from the bottom of the robot to connect to the wall. All in all, this is a great technical achievement, but certainly not a pornographic one.

The Beerdoll Store launched the most advanced intelligent love dolls in September last year. This is the first sex doll robot with extremely realistic facial expressions. The height of the doll ranges from 145 cm to 162 cm and is available for purchase now.

Female robots have been around for several years and are being studied in depth by the research and development departments of many of the world’s largest companies. Usually, these are prototypes to demonstrate technological progress and attract new investors. Therefore, they are not usually sold.

For example, in 2009 Yamaha (Yamaha) demonstrated a robot with singing ability. It has a pleasantly realistic head, but the body made of cheap plastic is very unlike a robot, so it is not ideal.

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