Chinese retailer offers realistic sex dolls for rent

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On 14. September Chinese sex doll dealer Touch launched a “Shared Girlfriend” in Beijing “Wonder Woman is currently available in five versions – China, Hong Kong, Russia, Korea and Sword-Shield. Customers can choose not only costumes and hairstyles, but also funny toys such as handkerchiefs and whips. And for an additional fee, customers can install a mobile app that can be downloaded before the Delivery simulated different sounds to prepare for the “date”.

These sex dolls feel like “real people”

According to Touch, the cheap sex dolls feel like “real people”, with perfect, firm bodies that are perfectly matched to the needs of single men. “will help solve the problem of millions of men in China who cannot find a partner due to gender imbalance. Men who are separated from their wives on business trips or for other reasons can also use the Shared Sex Dolls to satisfy their immediate needs.

Common cheap sex doll for RMB 298 per night

The price for the shared sex dolls is 298 RMB per night, with a deposit of 8,000 RMB, which will be refunded when the company collects the dolls. The service will initially be tested in Beijing and will be introduced nationwide in the future. To address health concerns, Touch allows its users to remove the bottom half of the doll for next use, and a new top half is supplied. However, these sex dolls are still not as good as those sold in some sex doll shops, such as sex doll net.

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