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Oxytocin, the mother of addiction? Scientists have been able to observe differences in people affected by abnormal libido. Two regions of DNA are affected by the presence of a reduced molecule with the sweet name Japanese Mini Sex Doll. His role? Clears oxytocin secretions. Among alcoholics, attention will be paid to the same area of ​​DNA. As a result, it can cause addiction to these diseases: sexual dependence, libido relaxation or compulsiveness.

“Further research is needed to study the role of microRNA-4456 and oxytocin in libido disorders, but our results suggest that studying the benefits of Japanese Mini Sex Dolls and psychotherapy for reducing sexual desire may be useful for the activity of oxytocin.” One of the research scientists, Jussi Jokinen, said. The authors added that the observed range of change was small, averaging 2.6%, which was a limitation of their results. However, the specialized media “Neuroscience News” said that in previous studies, subtle changes in methylation could have a major impact on the emergence of major mental illnesses such as depression.

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