[Customer Contribution] I wanted to have a good fight with the sex doll, but I ended up being in pain…

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Micro Milk Anime Mini Sex Doll Guadalupe 135cm

Doll size
·Height:4ft 4 / 135cm
·Weight:47.3Lbs / 21.5kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:21.2in*18.8in*29.9in / 54cm*48cm*76cm
·Hand length:14.9in / 38cm
·Foot length:7in / 18cm
·Vagina Depth:5.5in / 14cm
·Anal depth:5.1in / 13cm
·Leg length:23.6in / 60cm


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[Customer Contribution] I wanted to have a good fight with the doll, but I ended up being in pain…

Today’s post is a contribution from a customer, telling a sad story about his relationship with a doll.

Hello everyone, I live in Saitama Prefecture.

My first doll was bought in hanidoll, when I bought a small doll, thinking to buy a large one before the practice to learn more about this. After less than three months with the little doll, I transferred it to an older brother for 8,000 yen (I think it’s a good price to sell it for, as good airplane cups are more than that. I came back to hanidoll and bought a beautiful big doll. At that time, the small doll can not be customized, only a body type, now I think the split may be more convenient to maintain, so this time I chose the split.
That’s her (because I always take bad pictures, so let me use the photos on the website)
She is simply the girl of my dreams. This lovely face, this breast, this wonderful ass. I am a person who actually does not pay that much attention to such parts as boobs, whether they are big or small does not affect me much (of course it is definitely better to be big than small, but it can’t be too big… I like the ass the most, the woman’s ass is the most sexy place I think.
Then I took a closer look at her beautiful ass, and then I knew that I had fallen. The moment I saw her ass from an elevated view, my desire came out and I just wanted to kiss her.
But I held back.

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Because I bought a split doll, at this time has not been fitted to her upper and lower body.
For hygiene reasons, I still went to take a shower. Because of the cold shower, it is surprising that suddenly feel desire is not so swollen.
But it turns out that I am still too naive, from the bathroom and then see the moment she said nothing useful, all the psychological defenses are instantly broken. The first time I saw her, I was in a hurry to get inside her body.
No, no, you can’t rush it, you haven’t installed the lower body yet.
So I held my nerve, forced down my inner desire and started to install her body.
The installation of the lower body still requires some skills, I was prepared to hanidoll video recommended fine rod, but I did not use it, directly with the hand into the top, because I was too anxious, I do not want to wait a moment. I just wanted to be one with my doll and feel that strong bond.
The rush, finally loaded in, it is not too late, quickly pour in the lubricant to engage in a great deal of ah.
So, I went in, and did not give the following heating, directly into the. Poured full of lubricant doll’s lower body is really slippery and cold.
But why does it always feel wrong? Compared with the previous small doll, how the real feeling of the lower body is not so strong? Although the current feeling is okay. Is this the case with big dolls? Is there a problem with the product? Or has my little brother evolved?
I was enjoying the rhythm and the feeling of the impact of the round, fleshy ass.
The only thing is, during this process, I have felt the inner wall inside getting harder and harder, the friction is getting stronger and stronger, and even a little pain. Finally I decided not to hold back, I went straight to it. No condom, directly in the out.
The moment of ejaculation is still very cool. I lay down, breathing heavily, as slowly calm down, only feel the little old brother more and more pain more and more pain, and even a little swollen. What’s going on here? Could it be that the doll bought this time was poisoned in the lower body? I can’t lie down, I have to find out what happened!
So I used the phone’s light to shine to the doll’s lower body, to open the hole to see, just JY has flowed to this side of the hole, and concentrated on the right.
I know this is not right, according to the reasoning of the installation of the split, JY should be in the split inside will not be so much flow out so soon.
I put my finger inside and took out the split.
So I knew the whole truth about time! (God, I’m so stupid, I’m embarrassed to continue)

It turned out that it was because I had put the split in backwards.
I was really in a hurry, afraid that others see so the curtains are closed the light is not very good, can not see clearly.
Yes, the split is a long strip, one end is the hole, one end is closed at the bottom. I put the split backwards also means that I just did not drill into the hole at all, but in the gap between the split and the wall of the hole in the crazy piston movement. As a result, I still had to take the whole doll to the bathroom to clean it (it was for the convenience of this time that I bought the split).
Not only that, I also let my little brother hurt, although just a little pain and no big deal, after all, the lower body of the doll is soft. But still feel a deep sense of frustration.
Ah… I this person ah …

Through this story, want to tell everyone is.
“Be sure to check the direction well before fighting!”

Thank you!

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