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In the relationship between men and women, the woman does not let you touch, how do you want to do it well?


If you do not let you touch your hands, then perhaps the woman has a serious cleanliness, or other skin diseases, she is afraid that you see the skin of her hands, worrying that you will therefore have misunderstandings about her. This kind of women’s inferiority complex is doing the trick, you can not force, let nature take its course.

If a woman does not let you touch her lips, if she is embarrassed for the first time, you have to slowly induce her to understand that kissing is a very happy thing.

Other parts of the body, such as behind the ears or under the armpits. If women do not let you touch these places, it is possible that her sensitive areas, if you touch, then it is possible to gun out of fire, accidents or early into the process of sex, which women do not want to see.

If a woman is not willing to let you touch her breasts, this is a sense of self-protection, for her, may not be enough to understand each other, she wants the degree of emotion is not what you can give now.

The last kind is that women do not want to give her body to you, naturally there is a possibility that she wants to keep it until after marriage and then give you, which shows that the girl is clean, is a good girl, you should cherish. If she has had sex, but does not want to give you now, proves, she does not love you enough.

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