Get Different Weight Mini Sex Doll Facial Choices

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Your weight is between 160 cm and 37 kg, and the larger is 158 cm. 28 kg. You currently have 158 cm in the doll scene, generally 1200 EU 28 kg, a larger doll, heavier, for the same size, you can get different weights (breast and hip size) according to the shape of Mini Sex Doll face selection It’s also important that you should know that if you can’t find a favorite face on the model, the head is usually interchangeable with the brand that is referenced.

These are indeed these young ladies. I intend to limit myself to the wmdolls brand for two reasons: there seems to be a consensus on the quality of the dolls-they are both perfect. A motto says, “It’s better to be the enemy of the good guys.” I’ve run into a lot of trouble choosing between the two, so if I had to choose between 40 beauties as beautiful as each other, I wouldn’t The hotel came out.

In order to answer you, I will choose a maximum weight of 30 kg, but I am afraid it is already very large, about the face, it must be the 36th face. Looking at the second photo you posted, I was so pitiful that he had to turn around in the grave while shouting: “Oh, I miss my thinker completely!”. In the last series you posted, I have only one eye with this magnificent red hair. Decided that a wig is not enough.

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