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When sex doll news is reported, there are many questions about how far sex dolls have gone in recent years and what they will be like in the future. What is incredible is how they will be in the future and how much they have achieved in recent years.

The first character doll was invented in the 17th century by Dutch sailors to help them masturbate. They are made of sewing kit and old clothes and are sold to the Japanese, who call the modern doll “Dutchwoman”.




















real sex doll

Modern Realism. Fortunately, with the advent of silicone, TPE, and other molded plastic skins, we have made great strides in the use of fabrics. We have also developed new techniques and technology that allow love dolls to look, feel and make a sound when making sex dolls. The most important part of a correct understanding of a sexual doll is the vagina. Although sex dolls are not only used for sexual activities but also in different ways, the vagina is very important. You will be surprised to know that the vagina of a sex doll is anatomically correct and formed by a real vagina. The promise of the detail makes the doll as real as it is. The same goes for the anus, which feels unique. Even better, you can try a variety of uses by choosing a doll with a moving vagina.

Sex dolls in the near future. Even if you don’t consider combining artificial intelligence with sex robots, sex dolls should offer a lot of exciting things. A self-lubricating or even self-heating insertable vagina has been developed. In other words, there is no need to use a plug-in vaginal warmer. There is also a new vaginal prototype that is as narrow as the futuristic sound to improve realism during orgasm. If you want to make things more complicated, Sex Doll can inspire you to make your doll a bright spot.

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