Four reasons why more and more people buy sex dolls

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It is reported that the sex doll store on an e-commerce platform can sell more than 500 stores every day (18000 transactions per month in total), especially in the early morning, 50 stores can be sold, one store can be sold in almost two minutes, and the trading volume in the evening is growing rapidly. During the “double 11” festival, the sales volume of a certain sex doll in the whole network reached 1500 in the period of 0~2 o’clock, with an average of 10.4 sex dolls sold per minute, while other sex dolls sold 1000 in total. Therefore, the market prospect of sex doll is worth looking forward to.

Sex doll seems to be a hot commodity, and the frequent occurrence of sex doll in recent years is also reflected. Such hot sales indicate that the market demand is growing. It is conceivable that the sales of sex dolls around the world will also grow in the future. So why is sex doll so popular? Let’s analyze together. There are four main reasons.

The serious imbalance between the proportion of men and women is the main reason
There are more and more single men in the world. The increasing popularity of LGBTQ groups also makes some people begin to like sex doll.

The separation between lovers is becoming more and more serious
Because of work or various life needs, couples can not stay together for a long time. However, everyone has emotional needs and seeks instant hugs and a sense of security. Therefore, some people choose to buy sex doll for comfort.

What a novelty and freshness
Many people will be curious about the emergence of sex doll. Curiosity will certainly be reflected in some people. If someone takes the lead, it will certainly affect countless people around. Because under this curiosity, if someone takes the lead, this social atmosphere will spread slowly and form a huge market impulse.

The price of sex doll can adapt to all types of people
At present, the sex doll in the market is divided into high, medium and low grades. The price ranges from several hundred yuan to ten thousand yuan, or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. In this way, high, middle and low-income people can accept such prices, which is another important reason why sex doll sells well.

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