For my girlfriend I compromised with reality and sent home 2 sex dolls

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Like other hobby communities, people share fun and experiences in forums, meet friends with sex doll, and get together to socialize. Beijing’s Zhang Bo says, “We usually meet and put our respective beloved dolls on the sofas, and also talk about life, housing prices, prices and the country’s situation.”



















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Zhang Bo, 34 years old, particularly cheerful and talkative, can not see the “age of the baby” has been more than a decade. Emergency room lives with his girlfriend, two silicone dolls sitting on the sofa in the living room, just like the artwork at home.
Zhang Bo’s interest in sex dolls, pass away earliest from college days, “hormonal sexual impulses,” puberty passed, also depressed. By the age of 31, emergency room and a serious relationship with his girlfriend of three years broke up, “the severity of a bit like a divorce, the heart are tired of throwing.”
This failed relationship led him to become more honest with himself, rediscover his love for silicone dolls and find meaning in life.

The following is his self-description.
I was previously a dry hand planner, and now dry new media. Love dolls called 3, have not yet planned the role, there are also 3.
Pass away first silicone sex doll to officially join the family is Sakura, pass away never had sex when the daughter was raised. She cost more than 15,000 yuan, quite a large sum of money. At that time, I lived in Beijing, no rent problems, pass away Internet industry is also fine, a monthly salary, almost replaced her back.
This house I originally full, a total of five realistic lifelike sex doll put. For the reason that I have a girlfriend, I sent two home. Whether it is feelings, contractual spirit, I have to give my girlfriend some space.
The family knows at first can not stand, look at this thing with look like a demon. In their eyes, pass away doll is the same as the Convenient, the line, it is, you waste school, not the “source of evil”. I let them know that I do play with sex dolls, but not because I want to waste my career with it. I want to use it as a new beginning in life.
The thing about playing with dolls is that it’s more of a spiritual aspect. I have to thank the posters for writing down my inner thoughts and giving me a place to bask in them. Some people gave me credit, applause, and others thought, “Don’t I container that? So I’m not containering alone.”
To get married or not, it has nothing to do with silicone sex doll, guy has to see if it fits you and how it can make your life comfortable and easy. Maybe after two years the consciousness grows, pass away emotional intelligence a little, you understand, you still have to have a flesh and blood sister, learn to get along with people, and live with her.
But you can not get out, it does not matter, there are actual doll to accompany you, you can stay in this wonderful world for the rest of your life, and never suffer from the reality of the establishment.
What is the benefit of a sex doll? Its benefit is to give people an extra opportunity.

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