Five amazing ways perverted sex can improve your relationship

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Whether they’re thinking seriously about branching out in the bedroom or not, everyone thinks about kinky sex at least occasionally, and with good reason. It’s fun to think about different options and wonder what they might be like. And it can be just as fun to try some of them out in real life, especially if you have a willing partner who likes exploring as much as you do.









But knowing you like the idea of taking a walk on the kinky side is one thing. Bringing up the topic with your partner and handling the logistics of changing direction is another, but it’s also something well worth exploring. In fact, exploring kink with your partner can potentially strengthen your bond and make you closer. Here’s how.

1.      It opens up a sexual dialogue.

Everyone knows that they should be talking openly with their partner about sex, but some people find that a lot easier than others. Reserved upbringings and differing comfort levels with sensitive topics can make it especially hard to talk frankly about subjects like fantasies, unusual turn-ons, one’s level of interest in kink, and so forth.

Deciding to take the plunge into trying kink can be a real game-changer in this regard, though. Total, perpetual consent is critical with any type of kink, including bondage and BDSM, so it’s a great catalyst to better sexual communication. You’ll learn how to give and receive sexual feedback, use safe words, talk about boundaries, and more. It’s only a matter of time before talking about sex feels so much more natural.

2.      It encourages deep trust and intimacy.

A healthy, happy sex life is already an important part of intimacy in a relationship, but adding kinks to that relationship can raise the stakes even further. Many types of kink play – such as breath play, bondage and blindfolding, to name just a few – carry risks. To engage comfortably in these things, you need to trust your partner implicitly.

When you give someone this trust, and the experience proves positive, intimacy increases. The same applies to sharing experiences with others that you may not have been comfortable sharing with others before.

3.      You’re more likely to stay faithful.

While fidelity may not mean complete monogamy for a couple, it is still vital that both partners respect it in a relationship. However, energy fluctuations and stagnation between the two of you can sometimes make it difficult to stick to the rules you set. Exploring eccentric games together can strengthen a couple’s resolve to remain appropriately faithful to each other.

The level of trust that a tangled and tolerant relationship eventually fosters is extraordinary and difficult to achieve. Couples who get really caught up in their quirks tend to take fidelity very seriously because they don’t want to do anything to undermine the sense of security and trust they have built with their partner. As a result, they are less likely to get lost in the first place and are more likely to just talk to each other if the relationship is in trouble.

4.      Your mental health will improve.

Even well-adjusted people sometimes struggle with the cumulative effects of depression, anxiety or stress. Even standard vanilla sex can be incredibly stress relieving, but wacky sex is more effective. You and your partner may find that over time you become less neurotic and anxious. Stressful situations may also become more manageable.

Getting out of your comfort zone and successfully meeting challenges that appeal to you is also a huge confidence booster, in your sex life as well. Overcoming your fears about talking about kinks with your partner will usually make it easier for you to take on new challenges, which in turn will improve your relationship.

5.      You’ll become more confident.

People who enjoy eccentric sexuality tend to be more comfortable taking risks at work, establishing or reinforcing boundaries with others, living authentically and expressing their true feelings about important topics. Not only do they feel better about themselves and more confident in dealing with others, but they also feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Everyone has heard that they can only truly love another person if they love themselves, and this is true in many ways. Confident, straightforward people who like themselves and feel good about themselves make better partners. Overall, they are more focused, more adventurous and just get more out of life – qualities anyone can’t help but fall in love with.

So, what are you waiting for? Try kink with your partner today and see how it affects your relationship. There are many more things to try. Some of the more common kinks include whip play, flogging, restraint, sex swinging, nipple clamps, puppy play and even chastity and electric sex. You’ll find everything you need to explore new worlds

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