First TPE Dolls made in Japan from TPE material

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Every love doll is an angel that will take you out of loneliness.





Love doll store history: When we opened our love doll store in Jinan, we thought that young people would be our main customers. A few months after opening the store, we could not have guessed that older men would be the main buyers, accounting for at least 50% of our business. Mr. Gao, the owner of a love doll store in Jinan, said he had contacted colleagues, as had other store owners. Older people buy everything from condoms to aphrodisiacs to Dutch wives. Even more surprising, older customers still have high expectations for product quality, with texture being the most important factor.

We usually sell two to three a month!” Master Hanwan, 70, who lives in a suburb of Gibb, bought the sex doll to relieve his empty boredom. I would not have seen or spoken to you if I had not had to contact you so often, because it is difficult for young people to understand and appreciate some things. In front of many people, the old king opened his closet and took out from his rolling suitcase a very delicate one that played a girl like a flower, the old king visited three and two wigs, and in an instant a perfect goddess appeared in front of him, who turned out to be the sun, with her beautiful face and sexy body, men could not help but devour her. It is usually used at night, or accompanied and said to sleep. Sometimes he asks “her” to have a cup of tea with him, watch TV together or relieve his boredom. Sometimes he drives his Passat and takes them in the car. They say that old people without children are lonely, but this Uncle King lives like a fire.

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Preview of Love Doll 2017 Global Tour, April Shanghai Adult Fair, June Russia Adult Fair, July Beijing Adult Fair, late August Hong Kong Adult Fair, October Germany Adult Fair and November Guangzhou Adult Fair. Real dolls do not produce oil, do not deform, and do not have the unique fragrance technology that has spread around the world. Friends around the world who want to experience their Dutch wives on the spot can contact the sex doll customer service. True love doll story: Mr. Xiao Lin, a migrant worker, 26 years old, with a daily wage of 280 RMB, 174 cm tall and 70 kg heavy, works as a renovator at a construction site, which is a big job. In recent years, the standard of living in Shanghai has improved greatly, and bosses generally no longer have debts, so the income is good. Zhang got married at the age of 22 in his home country, and after having a daughter two years after the wedding, he went to work. His wife was young but not very pretty, and people in the countryside rarely see the outside world, let alone live separately. When I saw the girls in town all dressed up and ready to go, my heart began to beat like mad. So when he has time to see the beauty of the street, he also goes shopping.

Sometimes when he saw a beautiful woman, he would swoon in the same place and was often seen by these girls. As time went by, Chang became very depressed. He even had the urge to rape women. Then, while renewing the business, he happened to come across Chang and found a love doll that made his heart flutter, but the price was too high. I didn’t want to buy it, but one day it appeared in front of me and I bought it for 6,000 yuan. Later, Zhang told me that he sometimes goes out to find women and such, but after all, it is not as pretty as a real doll and the love doll is unique to him.

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