Figure three: Li Bo, 34, owner of Sex Doll Experience Shop

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Even if the skeleton of the sex doll is sticking out of her skin, there are still customers who choose her.
70% of the customers who come to our store are workers from the surrounding factories, and 30% are employees who come from the internet specifically for the love dolls.





It is easy to distinguish between white collar workers who wear more fashionable clothes, walk with their heads up, are more open to sex and have less wear and tear on used sex dolls, usually white collar. Factory workers like to wear flip-flops and pants, squirm when they come in because they fear ridicule, and have used sex dolls that are even more over-the-top, usually posing on word horses, making all kinds of difficult movements, rubbing them together, and even breaking sex dolls.

Whether white collar or blue collar, 40% of our customers choose our most popular sex doll in the first instance. She looks like a mature woman, 165 cm tall, with big breasts and a voluptuous figure that weighs 60 kg. In fact, this big tits sex doll is very hard to keep, one pose takes half a day, but that’s even if the eyelashes fall off from playing with her and the bones stick out of the flesh, some guests still say they want to choose her. Men love novelty, and generally dolls need to be replaced with the next batch of rejects after two or three months, but this sex doll was so popular with customers that I changed her body twice and used her for over a year before giving up on her.

Regardless of the size of sex dolls that people love, it can be said that high-quality sex dolls with a height of 140 to 155 cm and a weight of 50 to 70 pounds are the most comfortable to play with, but there are also candidates for black sex dolls with a height of 1m7 and a weight of 140 pounds, and these are also short-looking men. Also men don’t all like big breasts, I bought a Small Breast Sex Doll with Slim, and there was a good selection.

Many customers told me that the realistic sex doll was too heavy and didn’t feel like the real thing, but still the store didn’t do a bad business, why should they? Because when one’s sexual needs need to be satisfied urgently, one is hungry for food. That’s why 80% of our regular customers here are factory boys and girls who come to me because they have no other way to satisfy their sexual needs better than this.

Staff are usually curious about the realistic sex dolls and rarely come back a second time. Some girlfriends ask their boyfriend to come, sit down and wait for them. In the herbal store nearby, the owner’s wife is pregnant and tolerates this man who comes two or three times a month, and this man is so honest that he does not come after the child is born.

There are also some rich people who want to play with sex dolls. I met a young man, about 20 years old, a designer, who wore a mask and a duck-tongued hat every time and flew in specially from Beijing to play with sex dolls, which he did twice. I don’t talk to him, but it’s a three or four hour drive, how much energy do you need?

There was a cardboard manufacturer who arrived in a Maybach. The moment he arrived, people had a different attitude, and the man who was still in the car shouted to the store, “Find me a parking space!” The 50-year-old man, who has a strong sense of family, came down 20 minutes later and told me, “This still feels very average.” But he also came down twice to play with sex dolls. He said he was afraid to take a mistress because it would destroy the family. I think his wife is to blame for the 300 people in the factory.

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