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The real doll with open eyes and the real doll with closed eyes are equally attractive.
Of course, they are always closed and can not be opened. There are few heads with closed eyes, but there are many personalities. There’s a reason you close your big, beautiful eyes. Right now she is probably enjoying the pleasure of indulging in your touches, kisses, caresses or orgasms. This will prove to her that you care and can satisfy her because you are able to make her happy. For couples, most women prefer to respond to you with the lights off and their eyes closed, rather than with their eyes open. Or they open their eyes at first, but when the pleasure gradually comes, they unconsciously close them and sink into it. It is also a secret that women close their eyes in bed, because even if the environment is bad, they close their eyes and imagine the beautiful scenery. All real doll products are photographed in real life, you can see them on site and buy them at the airport station controlled and free shipping. Then you can pay the balance upon delivery. If you buy more than one realistic love doll, we recommend you to choose at least one sex doll with eyes closed, depending on your personal preference, because both open and closed eyes versions are beautiful.





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Does a real sex doll have a skeleton?

Since it is a solid sex doll, it needs a skeleton, a whole body, head, hands, feet, a skeleton, a mere pile of plastic is no better than an airplane cup!” . The skeleton is inside the body of a real doll. You can’t tell the difference at all. When I met someone, the silicone of the love doll body was cut off and the skeleton was revealed. However, the quality of the skeleton from the official manufacturers is generally very good. I have never heard of any problems with skeletons. Generally, love dolls have skeleton, and those with skeleton can be represented in different ways. Generally, only mini sex dolls do not have skeletons.

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