Familiar with the cleaning and care of your girlfriend doll

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After the love doll is used, it needs to be cleaned for a long time. You must promise to have the love doll cleaned and maintained, which can prolong its life and frequency of use.

Cleaning is important. You must be familiar with the reality of how to clean a doll. Plan a cleaning schedule. The doll is equipped with an irrigator. It is recommended to mix water with a mild diluted soap solution. Proper drying after cleaning is key to extending the life of the doll.

Our FAQ is a great resource for cleaning and maintenance. We have a complete information page on cleaning and maintaining sex dolls (correct).

During the repair process, the place to protect the love doll is the skin color and do not wear dark clothes. Wig care, falling eyelashes, falling nails, cleaning important parts and so on. I must be prepared to nail nails and eyelashes with glue, bounce the eyes back into their nests and occasionally tear them on the doll skin. If your doll is made of TPE, it may get dirty. So it is better to order an emergency TPE glue and stain remover. It is much better to be safe than sorry, especially if you are not familiar with dolls.

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