Explain How To Extend The Life of MINI SEX DOLLs

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If you continue to use?lifelike MINI SEX DOLLs, they will inevitably deteriorate gradually. However, it is an expensive product and you will be attached to it, so I want to continue using it for a long time. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of Aiwa, the following points should be kept in mind during regular maintenance.

How to manage love dolls

It is also important to put the love doll when not in use. In order to prevent the love dolls from deteriorating, they are basically stored in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. This is because sunlight can cause fading. In addition, it is not recommended to store it in a place where it is easy to accumulate heat. Ideally, store in a cool and dry place.

It is usually put down for storage.

When storing the?mini MINI SEX DOLL, try to put it down as much as possible. This is to straighten the joints. If the joints bend for a long time, the risk of injuries such as skin tears will increase. It is also important to put it on a soft object when laying it down. If you put it on a hard object, the weight load will be concentrated on a specific part. In addition to letting it lie down, you can also install a hook and fix it on the hanger. Remove the head at this time and store it separately. This is because it is easier to remove cosmetics such as eyelashes on the head.

Clean regularly

It is also essential to clean the love doll regularly. Due to the characteristics of the material, oil will ooze out of the material. This phenomenon is called bleeding. When bleeding occurs, it becomes sticky and feels bad. The bath is good, because its rate is about once a month. Use a mild detergent to cleanse the body. If rinsing is not sufficient at this time, detergent will remain. Then, on the contrary, the deterioration may continue. Take time to wash in hot water.

Care after cleaning

After washing, dry thoroughly with a towel. This is because if water remains, metal used for joints etc. will rust. Some people may want to use a hair dryer to dry them quickly. However, if you use a hair dryer, please be careful not to use it because the heat may damage your skin. After drying, it is best to apply baby powder on the skin. By applying baby powder, you can maintain a smooth and comfortable feeling. It can also effectively prevent bleeding introduced earlier.

Vagina doll, take good care of it

Some?teen MINI SEX DOLLs?are not removable, but have a full vagina. If you have this type of doll, be sure to clean your vagina frequently. This is because body fluids adhere to it during sex, which makes it easy to get dirty.

Make up

Aiwawa arrives home with makeup. However, if you continue to use it for many years, the makeup will gradually fade. Therefore, you can maintain the beautiful face you just bought by applying makeup regularly.

Collect information online

For men, women’s makeup will be a big obstacle. If you don’t know what to do, there are some websites on the Internet that can show you how to make a love doll. Some easy-to-understand content is explained in the video, so please check them out.

Lover dolls are expensive commodities worth hundreds of thousands of yen. Just because it has deteriorated, it is not something that can be easily replaced again and again. Therefore, the key to prolonging the life is to slow down the rate of deterioration as much as possible through regular maintenance. With a little effort, the deterioration of the doll can be slowed down. How about using the method described above?  https://www.hiasu.com/explain-how-to-extend-the-life-of-sex-dolls/

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