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After buying a love doll, most people’s first thought is to take photos of this expensive gift and take a photo with themselves. Family shots are great, ready to wear clothes and accessories. It is very possible to be a full time body art photographer!

“I bought this doll for a purpose and a purpose. I’m very interested in posing, photography, and hairstyling.” These are some of my thoughts before I bought the first doll. After I opened the box, they were very fresh and full of vitality. These dolls are so realistic that you will start taking pictures. I challenged anyone to tell me that they had never taken a picture or video of a doll and had never put the doll’s hair in the hair pack – or at least had a Google search planned: “How do I create a beautiful princess hairstyle?”

Do I have bobby pins or hair ties on the first day? Do I have underwear Do I have clothes Many thanks to the retailer for providing me with a large number of accessories to keep my sex doll dressed.

It is difficult for most people to stop a (sex doll).
I don’t think I will, but be prepared…your first doll may not be your last! Your first time may only be the beginning of your collection. As your doll develops her (/his) personality and you interact with other doll forums, it’s easy to think, “If …” and “Oh … she looks good … …” And with As new technologies develop, there will be more and more attractive dolls. This is a journey, a way of life, and now you have become a member of the club.

(Oh, always remember that you are sure of your first doll: “Honey, this is not cheating, just sharing love!”)

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