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The problem with this aspect of emotions, there are always a lot of unclear places, so when the ex-boyfriend comes back to you, how do we do um? It is to renew the relationship with him, or leave on their own peace, today and we talk about how to do when your ex-boyfriend comes back to find a compound.


Refuse. If you have started a new relationship, or the relationship has no longer stay and hope, then it is still decisive to refuse it! Looking back on this relationship, if it is able to go on, then there will not be a breakup, two people apart, there are always various reasons, before not suitable, and now compound will not have a good result.

Good women do not go back, in the emotional interaction between men and women, to think about the previous each other to their own damage, combined to know the failure of this relationship is actually no longer necessary to forgive as well as stay, so that women should never give such feelings another chance, learn to let go.

If you think this relationship is actually worth staying, or can not forget each other, want to repair this relationship, then first you have to know if given a chance, whether it will return to the previous, if it will you can consider giving each other a chance to repair this relationship.

Usually this situation, first of all you need to know the purpose of his return to you, is to get back together, or back just want to get your tenderness again, then this situation should not be coupled.

About him out to dinner, the ex-boyfriend back, do not escape, to bravely face, analyze the clear his intentions, although girls are emotional, but think about his harm to you, at least now you, will not be at his mercy.

Consider carefully the reasons for the initial breakup, some times we through this breakup, through thinking, itself will also get growth and transformation, so no matter what the reason for the initial breakup, do not look back.

The idea is to look forward. If you want to develop a new relationship, then do not have any more entanglements with him. Maybe he gave you a lot of good memories, but you have to think about whether there is still a need to continue the previous relationship between you.

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