Everything you need to know about love dolls and brothels

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Later, due to the increasing acceptance, more stores for sex dolls were opened all over the world. However, the establishment of the silicone dolls living room depends on national legislation and other legal requirements. Therefore, unlike brothels, it is not an insult to women’s rights, even in the all human trafficking or organized crime, because the target is sex doll. An important driving factor for sex doll brothels is that love dolls can help solve problems such as loneliness, anxiety and even depression.






In the sex doll brothel dolls can get more customers than real prostitutes. In Dortmund, there is a sex doll brothel with 11 individual dolls with their own name, identity, size, race, hair color and breast size. One of them looks like a blue-haired Japanese couple doll. While the husband is having a sexual relationship with the love doll, you can see the wife of many gendered guests waiting for the bus in front of the store. Recently, a sex doll Fanny became the best-selling superstar of Kontakthof brothel in Vienna and even has more customers than real prostitutes.

There are many popular silicone dolls store in the world, there are a few points to mention: Dolly Living Room – Greenwich, England .Xdoll – Paris, France Playmate Dolls – Canada Toronto LumiDolls – Barcelona, Spain. Sex doll brothel improve your marriage and reduce crime. A major advantage of love dolls -shop, which has a strange fantasy men they happy with a real sex dolls, rather than urged make positive effect on real women to take. In this way, they need to feel embarrassed and everyone is safe. These stores can help Cheap Love Doll Sex crime, reduce the crime rate, improve sexual marriage, and provide methods non-judgmental way probing fetish for men and women.

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