Everything wrong with arguments against child sex dolls

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Frequently Asked Questions: What are your thoughts about child sex dolls? Designed to look and feel just like young girls, these are completely legal, sold online to customers across the globe. Child sex doll-makers claim that they ‘stop pedophiles committing crimes’.

We should Understand Crimes of a sexual nature committed against children. These crimes should include child pornography offenses, procuring a child for prostitution, statutory rape, and other offenses related to the sexual exploitation of children.

In my opinion they should be legal. I don’t think they will make much difference in sexual offending against children. Generally I think they might slightly decrease sexual offenses against children, although in some people they might increase risk of offending.

I wrote an article in which I address problems with argument against such dolls. Everything wrong with arguments against child sex dolls

There might be an indirect effect in how pedophiles feel society views them. Banning dolls can make pedophiles feel the reason behind ban on sex with children is just some gut feeling of non-pedophiles. If such dolls are allowed with proper public commentary, it may reduce this way of thinking, which might affect sex offending against children more than the effect of dolls in serving as a substitute for sexual release.

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