Esperanza -Germany Mini Sex Doll Attractive Eyes | sex with a doll – 138cm

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Sexy Pregnant Mini Sex Doll Esperanza 138cm 4ft 5

Doll size
·Height:4ft 5 / 138cm
·Weight:77.1Lbs / 35kg
·Bust * Waist * Hip:34.6in*24.4in*35.8in  / 88cm*62cm*91cm
·Hand length:26.6in / 60cm
·Foot length:8.2in / 21cm
·Vagina Depth:N
·Anal depth:N
·Oral depth:N


Background Story:

Esperanza is from Germany and she is the target of many citizens. She is very healthy, pruned and ready to take action. I find it hard to find a man who has not found this doll very attractive. More importantly, she is a 166 cm large size doll, the price is very low. But you don’t want to be confused by her innocent appearance, she likes unexpected sexual behavior, and she has no restrictions.
She has beautiful blond hair, full lips, juicy breasts and a hot body. She contains a very impressive set of cute elastic breasts. She is never tired and never complains. If you treat yourself as a crow, your only question is why you waited for such a long time to spend the night with her.

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It implies sexual preferences and romantic feelings for mini love dolls

In Japan today, especially in Akihabara, the people who like content that reminds them of young girls are usually boys who are sexually attracted to sex dolls of adult women with huge breasts and to women who look like adult women, whether they are two-dimensional (fantasy) or three-dimensional (reality). They are at the heart of the acceptance and consumption of a range of cultural Lolita content.

TPE sex doll-Sexy Pregnant Mini Sex Doll Esperanza 138cm 4ft 5-10

Despite differences in tastes and preferences, most people who enjoy content reminiscent of teenage girls and young women are receptive to the notion that women choose them as objects of sexual desire, whether they are young or not and whether they are two-dimensional (fantasy) or three-dimensional (reality). It has been argued that the term “two-dimensional beauty” itself has been socialized and that we are entering an era of “two-dimensional beauty overload” (Yoshida, p. 3), but in recognition of the Big Tits Sex Doll, this paper uses the term “two-dimensional beauty” to refer to two-dimensional attractive girls.

TPE sex doll-Sexy Pregnant Mini Sex Doll Esperanza 138cm 4ft 5-11

Kenichi Sasaki, an aesthetician and professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo, has said, “In other words, although what is considered beautiful varies from country to country and from individual to individual, all peoples and all people agree that there is an intuitive beauty. A Real Doll (Sasaki, p. 16)” points out the universality of beauty, and it is on the basis of this definition that the word beauty is used in this paper.

TPE sex doll-Sexy Pregnant Mini Sex Doll Esperanza 138cm 4ft 5-09

Although there are QR girls who are not beautiful, young girls and virgins who possess the beauty that real doll shippers themselves like and find, and who give the impression of youth, are referred to as QRs in this paper, with the prefix beauty, QRs QRs, if we want to indicate their fictional character.

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