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As we kissed, I gently unclasped the love doll’s bra. Then I pulled her little black rope to my feet. Here, for the first time, I felt this woman’s desire. I know that although she shows a shy girl next door, she could be a crazy partner for hours. This versatility is what sets me apart. Finally, she was naked in front of me. She gave me a cute bust. Of course, this mini sex doll comes with a D-cup. I think it’s really cool. I’m excited to see her pants. I started to love her breasts gently. Why haven’t you heard from your colleagues before? Buying sex dolls is not a bad advice. This hot love doll almost fascinated me. I moved her with my tongue and rubbed her plump breasts when I kissed. Her nipples are hard.








In the end, I want more. I want to know what her vagina looks like. So I spread my legs. She looks smart. I knelt between her thighs and saw a wet cat. She is a little fluffy. Some brown pubic hair ruffled her private parts. When she stimulated her clit with her middle finger, she immediately trembled. It’s just holy. I feel hot now. I want to squirt this real sex doll and orgasm. So I took off my pants and knelt between her legs. I gently penetrated her. She is very soft and her skin is very soft and real. This makes me especially excited. The girl is not exhausted yet. She is really a virgin. Sex with her is great. After I climaxed, I pushed her on top of her and exposed her body. This is my best sex in a long time. For the first time there was a heart movement on my neck. Who thinks you can have such beautiful sex with Japanese sex dolls?

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