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It is actually enjoying the extraordinary Mini Sex Doll body. Obese? Well, this surprised me, the story of this child doll is disgusting, thank you for your warning, because the crazy breast in my head, frankly has nothing to do with children, this is forbidden, without you, I do n’t Will know! So yes, I like big breasts and sometimes I go and see.

Here you make the right choice, and you wo n’t regret it. Take the time to choose your favorite model. These dolls are not only sexual partners, but also excellent partners. I am very enthusiastic and enthusiastic. I received the first 161 cm. After the doll, I ordered another 170 cm from Bruno three months ago. I personally do not need to deal with him, and with a good reference, I clearly affirmed that the doll is at the top of the list, and I only report his words.

To me, it seems to be of good quality compared to Doll in appearance and realistic TPE. If you confirm through technical evidence that the skeletons of “Girls” and “JY” are of poor quality, I believe you have no problem! So let’s go back to the basic rules; less is more expensive-less is better, but I know you have to offer a variety of prices to meet all budgets and prevent future DO quality differences! I’m not angry, but when I hear that the quality of a TPE doll is good, I have to react.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.