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Emma Fashion Trend Mini Sex Doll 65cm

Doll size
·Bust * Waist * Hip:31.5*27*38cm
·Foot length: 9 cm
·Vagina Depth: 12 cm


Background Story:

Chloe is a TPE Mini Sex Doll with a height of 65cm. That fantasy took me to the edge, and when I looked down at my girl and saw the expression of pure ecstasy on her face I had to cum. Pulling out I got up on my knees and in plain view of anyone watching released three huge loads of cum onto my girl’s chest and stomach.

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Realistic love dolls are the best and most important companions in life

For many people sex dolls are just sex toys to satisfy bizarre fantasies, but for some realistic sex dolls are the best and most important companions in life. All this allows the brand to take care of those who have to live alone.

Some families use inflatables as part of the family, using different costumes, makeup and hair models. Some male collectors of inflatable dolls believe that inflatable dolls do not have the disadvantages of women, they do not have the same temperament and they do not lie, cheat or accuse you. American photographer Maxon interviewed and photographed many owners of these inflatable dolls to understand the reasons for this particular slap in the face, and she found that these men wanted to protect their luxurious sex dolls as much as their lovers and friends.

In the United States, traditional users of sex dolls tend to be lonely, single men who live with lifelike dolls for a variety of reasons. Markson worked for over a year to photograph these popular inflatable dolls and the reasons for owning cheap sex dolls after asking permission from people who have sex with sex dolls.

The man has a girlfriend and two adult daughters, but he also has five Lie real doll sex dolls. Kahan divorced more than 20 years ago and was married to a woman for the next eight years, but never found the woman his heart desired. He bought an inflatable doll in 1998 and later lived with it.

After his wife died of cancer, the man tried to date a woman but found that the woman he liked didn’t like him. He then designed a TPE sex doll that matched his wife’s appearance, named her and kept her company.

We dare to tell you that it is women, not men, who buy TPE dolls.

Contrary to what you might think, the person who lives with the sex doll is satisfied with the same standard of living as a normal person. There is no depression or other mental illness. The sex object is different from normal people because it does not affect other aspects of their lives, but medical experts do not consider it a pathological condition.

Finally, all people are told that all people need social contact, but it is not bad physically or psychologically, as long as the child chooses his own way to release the necessary emotions.

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