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Cute Mini Ultra Realistic Sex Doll Dovie 110cm

Doll size
Height: 3ft6 / 110cm
Weight: 28.4Lbs / 12.9kg
Vagina Depth: 6.4in / 16.5cm
Anal Depth: 4.9in / 12.5cm
Oral Depth: 4.1in / 10.5cm
Upper bust: 19in / 48.5cm
Hand length: 12.7in / 32.5cm
Foot length: 5.3in / 13.5cm
Waist Circumference: 14.9in / 38cm
Hip circumference: 22.8in / 58cm


Background Story:

Dovie is a TPE sex doll with a height of 110cm. I gave him oral like never before. It would usually last only 2 or so minutes…I’m that good….but I sucked him for over an hour. My mouth felt so dam raw, but it was worth it. It’s definitely true about the force of the ejaculation.

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A Real Sex Dolls Can Be A Friend

Sex doll inventor-Cute Mini Ultra Realistic Sex Doll Dovie 110cm 3ft 6-12

Your life can be a very simple life. Where you have the company you want, but where you don’t feel pressured or sad. There’s a reason why that sounds so unique to you. It’s because a vibrant woman leaves you alone and doesn’t allow you to live that way. In a relationship, real love dolls are almost completely incapable of turning a man into a man. They need to exert control, and there are many passive-aggressive (not so passive) techniques to exert that control. They whine, they complain, they cry, they shut up, they throw tantrums. They have the power to make your home an unhappy place where you can no longer be happy. This is not what we would call an unhealthy relationship.

Sex doll inventor-Cute Mini Ultra Realistic Sex Doll Dovie 110cm 3ft 6-11

It is a relationship for all people. Any man who lives with a woman, married or not, knows that he enjoys destroying the peace in his home. Almost any man who has been involved with a sex doll for a while, for example, can tell you how his fiancée got so angry that she temporarily gave him back his ring. This is exactly the kind of behavior that many love dolls seem to exhibit. These similarities extend to all relationships. Someone who has only been married for a few months can easily interact with someone who has been married for a few years, and they have something in common. None of that would be good. Would that be all right with you? Or would you rather have peace and quiet if you wish? Would you like to live your own life? And do you want to have sex when you are ready? Your sex doll is much more open to new, adventurous and whimsical sex than a real woman. She’s a sex doll, so she’s totally open to new things, just like you. She will do absolutely anything you ask of her as long as you want her to.

Sex doll inventor-Cute Mini Ultra Realistic Sex Doll Dovie 110cm 3ft 6-13

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