Don’t you want to wear your TPE Dolls and lifelike sex doll anymore?

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The easiest way to carry a love doll is to use a wheelchair or a large black office chair with multiple wheels. This is probably the best way as it ensures the owner’s efforts and minimizes the possibility of sprains or injuries, back pain or even anxiety. Not to mention the fact that it protects the lifelike sex doll from harm. However, for young and energetic people, it is clear that there is no end. You may want to play a particular sketch or even the character of a horse tpe sex dolls. There are many probabilities. There are many ways to get them to do a good, old-fashioned job with the fun of the bucket and the bucket.






Baby Koala. Suffice it to say, take her like a baby. Stretch your arms up to the level of your shoulders and lift your legs parallel to your arms as your knees bend. Hold her up like a baby, put your arms around her neck, lean on her shoulders, and rest your chest on her chest. Potato pouch. Lift her up by her waist and shoulders and lift her up like a bag of potatoes. Place your TPE Doll so that her waist bends slightly and her belly hangs on your shoulder. Note that you should watch for turns and curves to avoid bumping heads against walls or doors. The fireman has it with him. Lift the doll under one arm and point the arm at the shoulder along the neck. Your shoulder should be one side away from the support area below the head and the other side is the hips. Recite. Almost goes without saying, but the unknown Millennials may one day be looking for answers, so let’s save them: wear them on your back, legs wrapped around your shoulders, legs wrapped around your waist. cool?

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