Does a new sex doll need to be cleaned?

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Remember not to use aggressive cleaners when cleaning sex dolls.




Strong acids, strong alkalis, strong disinfectants and stain removers to avoid damage to the doll skin.As more and more doll lovers join our doll circle, there are usually quite a few new people who show up in the qq groups and forums. Recently, some of my friends asked how to clean the doll and how to take care of it after use. As we all know, a silicone or TPE sex doll is a simulation of a person. The body of the doll is made of solid material, which has a certain waterproofness. And sex doll compared to some other supplies, it is not as easy and fast as the famous gun and so on people to clean, but also not as difficult as you imagine.

I would advise waifus to check the doll for problems or defects as soon as they receive it, and clean it if there are no problems. Because after the dealer shipped the doll from the factory, it is inevitable that the little guys are germy during transportation. If you can’t clean it in time, it will be less hygienic when you use it for the first time. Normally, when we use sex dolls, we need to clean them frequently to make them more hygienic.

No matter we need to clean our dolls after use or they have been left too long with dust or stains on the skin, we need to clean them. So how do you clean a sex doll? First take off the head so that the water won’t leave stains on the face, then put some body wash on it and wipe it gently with a damp towel, the water can be cold or warm.

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If you have a bathroom at home, it may be easier to put the doll in the bathtub and wash it off. Of course, you are welcome to wash with her and then towel dry the water. When the doll is dry, you put baby powder on her so that her sister’s skin is much smoother and more elastic. If you have found an unguarded spot, to see if it stains, if it has been cleaned or rubbed off, or if there is another problem that cannot be solved, you can contact the doll manufacturer and look for a solution.

Can not be washed after the doll is finished with the animal? After they have long been collected goods, they certainly all became too tired to face the evil. Could sex doll use it always waited for her “girlfriend”. In condoms are hidden, but you still have to beware of harm. It is better to clean the food also thoroughly, so that the dolls have a productive life.

The more expensive and delicate things need to be maintained, just like a car, every other time to be maintained. sex doll is also the same, the price of a physical doll are more than four to five thousand, is more high-end things, is also in need of good maintenance. sex doll is about energy-saving movement, can be bent, the skin also has elasticity. The skin also has elasticity. When you fold it back, it has no effect, but when the long time inverted hanger has a bent state, the skin at the bend may have some chu wrinkles.

So if you don’t use it for a long time, it is best to return the joints to the factory position, that is, both hands and feet lie flat, if it is bent for a long time, you can just massage the joints, after a while it will be fine. There are also sex doll will stain, so be sure to pay attention to not wear clothes that stains, must wear can be worn inside a Xingxiu white bottom shirt.

The sex doll should be powdered regularly to keep the skin dry. When cleaning the sex doll, be careful not to use corrosive detergents such as strong acids, strong alkalis, strong disinfectants and detergents, so as not to damage the skin of the doll.

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