Documentary “The Adult Product Market: Me And Sex Doll”

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Channel 5 of British TV broadcasted a documentary called “Adult Product Market: Me and Sex Dolls”. The lens focused on a woman named Jed Stanley, a mother of four children. China and Israel described her extraordinary business philosophy from the first point of view.





























Before engaging in this industry, Jade ran a skin tanning agency. After reading a related report accidentally, she became very interested in this particular sex toy industry. In the following year, a company she ran boomed, buying sex dolls from China and other Asian countries, selling sex dolls on the one hand, and renting sex dolls on the other.

But it has not always been smooth, because sex dolls need to hire employees to maintain sex dolls, which takes a lot of time and money, but the profit is extremely small. Jade said to this: “This is a very complicated matter. Generally, sex dolls for rent will not be sent back intact.”

The sex dolls in her company are professionally designed to reduce the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance. She said: “The TPE & Silicone material is very safe, just like a watch movement, you can choose to maintain it or throw it away, depending on the cost and the benefits you get.”

However, Jade’s current main business is to customize sex dolls according to the specific needs of customers. “Customers’ needs are diverse. I have received all kinds of strange requests. There are celebrity sex dolls, anime sex dolls, and a deceased wife. There are even custom-made Michael Myers (the game “Death by Daylight”). It’s a bit too weird for me,” Jed said with a frown and a smile.

Single men, lonely old men, divorced men, and married partners constitute the main customer groups for buying sex dolls. This documentary also interviewed some customers who bought sex dolls, from a Finnish customer “Anna” to a senior user of the doll circle “Doll”. What the latter said in the interview caused a lot of controversy, saying: “I For such a 62-year-old woman, time is very limited. It prevents me from being too afraid of the future.”

“In any case, a human life size sex doll belongs to you and is with you. This is an unforgettable experience.”

The film also visited a man they called “Chris”. He owned three sex dolls. He liked his dolls very much, but he never overstepped the rules, because in his opinion they could not express the truth in their hearts. opinion.

Chris said he had arranged to take care of his sex doll after his death. He said: “I think it’s unfair to bury them together after I die. I can’t treat them like that. It’s like burying your beloved by myself.”

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